Flat Roof Repair: 5 Warning Signs You Mustn’t Ignore

Is your flat roof in need of repair? Flat roofing is a cost-effective option, that’s why so many buildings choose flat roofs. You might have heard that flat roofs don’t last very long, but that’s not strictly true. With the right care and attention, you can extend the life of your roof to give you a watertight and long-lasting solution. 

Issues with a flat roof can be due to weather, the age of the roof, and general wear and tear. When it comes to flat roof repair, the most important thing is to spot the early signs of damage before anything more serious and costly happens. 

Already noticed one of these warning signs? 

The next crucial step is deciding whether a complete replacement or a flat roof repair is the better option for you. A specialist contractor can give you the best suggestions either way. 

Most of the time a repair will be more cost-effective than a full replacement (as you might have guessed) and ultimately extends the life of your existing roof. That’s why it’s a good idea to watch out for little things like a small leak. They can snowball into bigger problems if you put off little repairs too long!

Here’s what you need to watch out for… 

1: Water Pooling And Flat Roof Repair

This is one of the biggest problems we come across. Pooling water might not seem like a serious matter if you’re not seeing it seep through the roof, but it can cause big issues if left unresolved. Water pooling causes stress and pressure points, which leads to cracks over time. 

Why does it happen? 

Unfortunately, your flat roof may not be, well, perfectly flat!

If your building has shifted or settled over time then small – or even large – divots can occur in the surface of the roof. These dips naturally gather small amounts of water when it rains. 

Flat roofs are designed to withstand some water gathering, but persistent water pools will cause wear over time if they don’t drain properly. If the pools happen consistently and in the same spot, then your building is more at risk of damage.

Keep an eye out for water pooling that frequently occurs in the same spots or gets worse over time. If you spot something concerning, get your roof checked out by a professional roofing contractor.

2: Flashing

Flashing is a thin sheet of material meant to prevent water from seeping through your roof. It can be tempting to ignore flashing problems because it’s not always easy to see the full extent of them. 

But this is a big mistake.

If left unresolved, these problems can worsen and lead to more serious damage.

Flashing can pull away from the edges of the roof as time passes. This is because flat roofs with asphalt will inevitably expand and contract with heat and moisture changes in the surrounding environment. 

If moisture gets trapped between the layers of the roof, leaks can appear in your ceiling – something no building owner wants to deal with on a Monday morning!

You might think things like small leaks and flashing that’s coming away from the edges can wait a little while. Unfortunately, if you don’t invest in flat roof repair at the earliest sign of flashing issues, you might be forced to replace your flat roof entirely.


3: Top Coat Damage

Topcoat is a solution covering the roof to give a nicer cosmetic finish as well as an important watertight seal. The most obvious sign of top coat damage you can look out for, or listen out for, is a fluttering noise. 

When outside or even sometimes inside your building, listen for a constant fluttering sound. This will be most noticeable during high winds. If you can hear this clearly, it’s likely that your top coating is damaged. 

Visually, you can understand the problem best as the top layer of material coming away from the rest of the roof and literally fluttering in the wind. When it does this, you can imagine the gradual damage this causes as your roof is exposed to the elements.

Don’t let your flat roof fail entirely because of something as simple as top coat damage. If you’ve seen some signs of top coat wear, then get a flat roof repair contractor to assess the situation.

4: Organic Growth 

Organic growth is exactly what you think it is. Sometimes things like moss, algae and lichen can grow on or even start to cover your flat roof. This isn’t a huge problem in itself, but it is a clear sign that your roof needs some help. 

These types of organic growth on your flat roof signifies that there is water either pooling or being retained by the roofing materials. If you leave this plant life to its devices, it can lead to some pretty severe damage. 

If you’ve noticed anything growing on your roof then get a flat roof contractor to inspect it, as something simple like flat roof cleaning could be the easiest solution.


5: Leaks And Moisture

The most obvious sign that your flat roof is in need of repair – cracks and leaks! Like any other roof, flat roofs can be vulnerable to unwanted moisture. With leaks or moisture being absorbed from long term pooling, cracks can appear and eventually worsen.

The biggest problems that come with excess moisture are mould and structural damage, and nobody wants their roof diagnosed with either – they can mean big expenses.

Having your flat roof inspected regularly for signs of leaks and moisture will prevent any mould problems from popping up in the first place. 

If you don’t manage to catch the issues when they first appear, make sure you ask the advice of a trusted flat roof specialist or you could find yourself shelling out for a whole flat roof replacement instead.

The Benefits of Repairing Your Flat Roof

The last thing you want is to fork out for a flat roof replacement when you didn’t need to. That’s why ongoing maintenance and flat roof repair is your most cost-effective and convenient solution. 

Other benefits of repairing your flat roof include: 

  • Longer-lasting roof – You can extend the life of your roof by preventing bigger issues. 
  • Protect your property – Preventing damage to your building and interior. 
  • Greater peace of mind – Knowing that your roof is watertight when the wet winter months come.  
  • Less Hassle – Flat roof repair is usually quick to do and can be done without closing down your building. 
  • Avoid business interruption – Avoid the inconvenience of shutting down your building due to water damage or a full roof replacement. 

If it’s industrial and commercial flat roof repair you’re looking for, GI Sykes is the roofing contractor you can trust. With 55 years in business, GI Sykes is a family run contractor offering reliable service and clear quotes. Don’t leave your cracked, leaking, or compromised flat roof unchecked. Contact us for a free quote here. 

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