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Long-Lasting, Waterproof & Flexible Coatings That Extend The Life Of Your Industrial Guttering

Gutters help drain excess water from your roof, keeping your building dry and preventing costly water damage. But if your gutters are old, clogged or poorly maintained they may start to crack, corrode or leak. Replacing gutters can be expensive, but there is another solution.

When a gutter starts to leak it’s usually the lining that needs to be repaired, not the gutter itself. Industrial gutter repair offers you a quick, long-lasting and affordable solution that seals your gutters, protects from further corrosion and prevents water damage to your building.

Here at GI Sykes, we have over 55 years experience in the commercial and industrial roofing trade. Our team of specialist coatings applicators will be able to assess the condition of your gutters and recommend a treatment that will give you a watertight finish and long-lasting results.

All our industrial gutter repair treatments are fully moisture tolerant and solvent-free. They’re designed to be flexible enough to withstand normal structure movement and they’re UV and temperature resistant. They won’t be compromised by standing water and they incorporate the very best anti-corrosion technology, helping prevent future damage too.

Once your gutters are repaired we can also offer a gutter maintenance programme, to help keep your gutters clean so they can keep protecting your building for many years to come.

Prevent Water Damage

Create a watertight, flexible and durable coating that prevents and repairs leaks, keeping your property protected from water damage and avoiding costly replacement.

Extend The Life of Your Guttering

Save money on expensive gutter replacement and make your guttering last up to 20 years longer with our flexible, durable and vapour breathable specialist coating.

Fast, Easy Application

Using GIROSIL® RC-G, we can quickly fix your gutter leaks, cracks and corrosion. It’s fast to apply and is fully water-resistant, so it can be applied in damp weather.
commercial guttering repair

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