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Looking For High Quality Curtain Wall Spraying Or Facade Spraying To Revamp Your Commercial Building?
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GI Sykes Are One Of The UK’s Top On Site Spraying Contractors. Trust The Experts to Repair and Revitalise Your Faded, Peeling Curtain Wall or Facade.

Your curtain wall is a workhorse. It’s not only your defence against the British elements, it also retains heat in the colder months and makes a stylistic statement about the building and the business or businesses within.

Over time, the condition of your curtain wall or facade deteriorates. Old coatings can fade, peel or become damaged leaving the structure open to irreversible damage. By acting quickly and opting for curtain wall spraying or facade spraying, you can stop most damage in its tracks.

Many think that they need to replace their old curtain wall or facade when it starts to show signs of age, but by re-spraying the structure you save thousands in replacement costs, enhance the appearance of your property and ensure protection for years to come.

Your curtain wall spraying project will be managed from start to finish. We will devise a schedule that minimises disruption to your business, guide you on the most suitable products and our team of on site sprayers are renowned for their workmanship and professionalism.

So if your curtain wall or facade is in need of repair or respraying, GI Sykes is the contractor that has over 55 years commercial construction experience, a highly skilled workforce and the confidence to deliver an exceptional finish.

Make A Good Impression

A curtain wall respray or facade respray will transform your building’s exterior. A sleek, unblemished facade promotes a professional and reputable image, which in turn can enhance its sale or rental value.

Repair & Preserve

Our specialist coatings will stop further corrosion and weather damage forming. We can extend the life of your current facade or curtain wall while making it look ‘as new’, which will protect the frame for years to come.

Huge Cost Saving

The cost of replacing your curtain wall or replacing your facade is huge. It also requires significant time and disruption to your business, so why not save thousands on your building maintenance costs and opt for a cost effective and quick spraying process instead.
commercial curtain spraying

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So if your curtain wall or facade is letting you down, we’re the experts who can repair, revitalise and prolong its lifespan. Just call 01384 891 341 to arrange a free quote.

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