Anti Graffiti Coatings

Anti Graffiti Coatings For Ongoing Surface Protection From Vandalism
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Specialist Expertise To Minimise The Damage Caused By Graffiti

Graffiti vandalism doesn’t have to be the costly experience it once was. Our range of anti graffiti coatings allow you to quickly and easily restore your walls, roller shutters and surfaces to a clean state.

At GI Sykes, we are highly experienced anti graffiti coating contractors and have helped many commercial and industrial customers to protect their property from permanent damage caused by vandalism.

The expense of repainting due to graffiti damage can be frustrating, but with our anti graffiti coatings, it’s one you won’t have to repeat.

With our specialist products, you can quickly restore defaced walls, shutters, window frames and doors, reducing your expenditure on repainting or respraying costs. Our skilled coatings experts are able to advise and deliver a solution that will protect your building, and reputation, against vandalism.

We can’t prevent graffiti, but we can prevent it from having a negative impact on your business and bottom line.

Quick Restoration

Our anti graffiti coatings provide a simple way to remove spray paint, marker pen and other types of surface defacement.

Long Lasting Protection

At GI Sykes we can deliver a permanent anti graffiti coating that will withstand frequent cleaning. Constant and efficient removal of graffiti tags and drawings can reduce the appeal of using your surfaces, so this coating can also deter vandalism.

No Need To Repaint

Our anti graffiti coatings mean that you don’t need to paint over defaced paintwork. A quick wash down and your property is restored to its former glory, saving you hundreds or thousands in redecoration costs.
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