Industrial Painting: 3 Reasons To Respray Your Building

Is your commercial building fading, peeling old paint or just worse for wear? Industrial painting isn’t just for new buildings. If your paint is over for a few years old and showing signs of ageing, you probably need it repainted professionally.

If you’re not sure whether you need the help of industrial painting experts, imagine that you’re going to a new restaurant. You’re excited to try this place out for the first time, but once you get there the first thing you see is the chipped, dull, peeling exterior of the building. 

What might go through your mind at that point? You might assume a few things about this establishment, like their level of cleanliness or attention to detail. You would wonder why the owners weren’t bothered about making a good impression?

The truth is that looks really do matter when it comes to commercial buildings, particularly when you want to make lasting first impressions and keep your building protected from the elements.


Reason 1 – Protect And Extend The Life Of Your Building

By regularly maintaining your building and ensuring that the site is routinely inspected, you can make huge building maintenance savings. That’s because prevention is the best cure. 

While an average warehouse panel can cost anywhere from £500 and £1500, you can avoid these costs by simply keeping up with things like industrial painting, roof repairs and general wear and tear. Repainting your commercial building means that any small issues can be seen and fixed before they become bigger problems, like leaks.

Industrial painting doesn’t just make your building look good, it serves a practical purpose. Keeping your cladding and trim painted actually seals and protects them from extreme temperature changes, moisture ingress or even infestations of insects. 

As well as this, a well-maintained building is worth more than a slowly degrading one. The market value of your industrial property is higher when it’s painted with suitable paint and has more ‘kerb appeal’. Whether or not you’re thinking of selling your building, maintaining a high market value is a good idea.

Reason 2 – Give A Better Impression

You wouldn’t walk into the supermarket, go to the canned soup aisle, and choose the rusted, dented tin without a label. Of course not – you’d choose the tin of soup that had all the information on the outside that you needed or was the recognisable brand you like.

Making a good impression of your company can be the difference between a sale or a lost customer. Even if you don’t have customers walking off the street to come into your building, it still represents your business, your brand and your ethos. 

Decomposed cladding won’t show passersby that your company is dedicated to all aspects of your business, or that you can be relied on to get things done. Unfortunately, poor building maintenance will tell your customers and team the exact opposite. 

But there’s a way to make an excellent first impression, and it’s as simple as respraying. 

By showing people that you really do care about the little details, you can bring in the kind of customers that share your values and want the same level of attention that you give to every aspect of your company.


Reason 3 – Boost Morale

Industrial painting can give your building a new lease on life, but it can benefit your staff too.

As a business owner, you bought your commercial building for a reason. You probably needed a space where you could grow your company and have room for all of the staff you required. A huge part of that growth with a team of employees is productivity. 

A good example of this theory in action is the effect of colour on mood. For instance, the colour black can give an impression of strength in moderation but can feel oppressive if used excessively. Grey is most often used for commercial buildings because of its connection with feelings of practicality and being a blank canvas to inspire creativity. 

With this in mind, be aware of just how much the appearance of your building can affect your business on a large scale. 

If the space you’ve given your team is hindering their ability or will to be the best you want them to be, then you have a big problem. Deadlines or standards may not be met if your team feels like your company doesn’t care about them as much as they care about doing the job right. 

If your team is forced to walk into a dreary, neglected building every morning, it makes sense that they wouldn’t feel motivated or excited to work for you. On the other hand, if you maintain a clean-looking, cared-for exterior then your business can grow from the inside out.


Industrial Painting Done Right

Now that you know how much a poorly kept painted exterior can affect your business, you can also consider the benefits of a building respray. By repainting the exterior of your industrial premises, you will be protecting the materials, keeping your property market value higher all while keeping on top of your general building maintenance. Give a better impression with a clean, professional-looking exterior that gets customers through your proverbial door if not your literal door. And of course, don’t forget how much your team will value being in an environment that shows them how much you care about the work they do.

The first step to achieving all of that is getting in touch with industrial painting professionals like our experienced team at GI Sykes. As the industrial painting contractors of choice for warehouses, factories and commercial buildings, we can help you maintain your industrial premises. 


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