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Metal Roof Repair – Extend The Life of Your Roof Easily & Affordably
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Save Money, Prevent Corrosion & Protect Your Building From Water Damage With Professional Metal Roof Repair By GI Sykes

Metal roofs are an affordable roofing option for many commercial and industrial buildings but as they get older they are prone to some common problems. Cut edge corrosion, delamination and seal failures can all lead to water ingress that can damage your building, damage the contents in your building and cause you no end of problems and costs if not repaired correctly.

The good news is that damaged, leaking or corroded metal roofs can be resolved without having to remove and replace the whole roof. GI Sykes experienced roofing team can offer a number of different options for your metal roof repair depending on the specific problem, your budget and timescale.

A metal roof repair may include a simple replacement of damaged metal sheets and rooflights, or for corroded substrates this could require the application of specialist roof coatings and treatments such as Giromax and Tor Coatings.

Using the latest in liquid waterproofing technologies we can treat and prevent cut edge corrosion, seal any leaks and give your metal roof a protective weatherproof coating which is backed up with a 10-25 year warranty.

A more comprehensive solution for your metal roof repair could involve overcoating or overlaying your roof with a protective roofing system such as a liquid roof system. Whatever it is you need to ensure the integrity of your metal roof, GI Sykes will use their expertise to provide a thorough and professional service. Protecting your building from the elements and prolonging the life of your metal roof.

As a family-run business with over 55 years experience in the industrial and commercial building trade, we’ve got a reputation for honest advice and excellent service. We’ll assess your metal roof and advise you on the best course of action to give you a sound, long-lasting results.

Cost-Effective Solution That Saves You Money

Repairing your metal roof now can prevent further corrosion and help avoid expensive leaks that cause damage to your building. Saving you from costly water damage repairs.

Extend The Life Of Your Metal Roof

Our metal roof repair can extend the life of your roof. Improving your return on investment and saving you from the cost and disruption of having to install a new metal roof.

Fast Application With Minimal Disruption To Your Business

Our metal roof repair service is fast, efficient and can be completed with minimal disruption to you’re building. We can work around your needs, completing works out of hours if necessary.
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