Is It Time For Building Maintenance?


The start of the year is always a good time to check to see if you require any building maintenance. It’s not necessarily the time of year, but more the mindset of getting things up to standard for the next 12 months. 

An annual review of your property means that you can see what needs doing immediately, what needs doing soon and what can wait. You can plan your building maintenance budget and schedule accordingly rather than letting things take you by surprise. It pays to be proactive with repairs. 

So, what should you look for to see if your premises needs a little TLC?

The Roof

A good building maintenance check takes account of every aspect of your property, including the roof. You’re firstly looking for obvious signs of damage or disrepair – leaks, holes or missing parts. If all looks in good order, you need to look a little closer to be sure. 


If you see raised bumps in your roof membrane, you may have roof blistering. It’s where a pocket of air forms between the layers of your roofing materials, usually because the membrane has lost its adhesion. They might look harmless enough, but if left, these blisters can split and let in moisture which can compromise the integrity of the roof.

Pooling Water

If you see standing water on your flat roof, it may be an indication that there’s a problem with the surface of your roof. Puddles, or pools, form when the rain rolls into a sunken area on your roof. If you’re checking your roof after a period of sunshine, look for circles of dirt and debris, as these show the areas where water pools.


Tears & Cracks

Rips in the membrane covering your roof can allow water, dirt and organic matter to get into the structure of your roof. Over time, even a small leak can mean considerable water ingress that can rot wood, damage ceilings and result in the need for much larger repair work.

The Exterior

Your building maintenance will include examining the outside of your property. In the first instance, you’re looking for things that can affect the structure of the building – cracks in the walls, patches of mould, rusting metalwork. Beyond that, you want to keep an eye on the aesthetic stuff too. Dull, faded cladding and signage can negatively impact the perception of your business, so getting that looking neat and tidy will deliver great rewards.

Unkempt Cladding

Check your cladding for dinks or cracks. Small knocks are fine, but more serious ones will need attention. If the coating on your cladding is compromised, you run the risk of rust forming and weakening your protective cladding.

There are a few options available to you if you decide that your cladding needs repairing. Cladding cleaning will remove all the dirt and grime that has accumulated on it, leaving it looking bright and clean. If the colour is looking faded or you fancy a change, cladding spraying is a quick and effective way to restore vibrance to your exterior.

Lastly, if you spot rusty edges to your cladding, then cut-edge corrosion repair will help prevent more significant damage from occurring.



Your gutters will collect all sorts of matter over the months. Clearing them is an essential building maintenance task because if they get too compacted, water will begin to overflow down the sides of your premises.

Gutter cleaning for a commercial building is very different from clearing your gutters at home. The height and length of the gutters mean the job carries some risk and is usually best left to those with the right equipment, training and experience.


Sadly, an expanse of clean wall, shutter or cladding is too much temptation for some, and graffiti is the result. 

Unless it’s a Banksy, you probably don’t want to keep your new ‘art’ in place, so scrubbing it off will form part of your regular property maintenance. But did you know that we can treat your surface with an anti-graffiti coating that means future street art won’t be a problem?

The Interior

Now to the inside of your property. Your building maintenance regime should include all aspects of the inside of your warehouse, office or retail unit. 

Check that all the electrical sockets are safe, that your furniture isn’t broken and that your windows are in good working order. You probably already have scheduled fire drills, but check your fire alarm system, check the dates on all extinguishers and fire blankets and go through the First Aid kit to get rid of out-of-date medical supplies. Now, that’s not technically building maintenance, but it goes hand-in-hand with a safety check, so it works as a great reminder.

Dated Decor

While you’re pottering around, ensuring your building is safe and secure, you might notice that the paintwork looks a little tired. A spruce-up of common areas can do more than just improve the look of your building, it can boost morale too. Showing that you care about the environment that your staff or tenants work in makes them feel valued and cared for.

Commercial painting and decorating is a simple way to elevate your business profile while demonstrating your positive attitude to your workforce. 

Missing Tiles

Inspect your suspended ceiling for damaged or missing tiles. They are cost-effective and easy to replace, so you can have a lovely-looking ceiling in no time. 

However, if there’s extensive damage or you think your ceiling needs replacing, it’s worth doing sooner rather than later. If there is a risk of falling tiles, speak to a professional suspended ceiling contractor who can advise you on the best course of action.

The Floor

Lastly, we’re looking down at our feet and checking over the floor. Building maintenance includes all of your floor space, including outside. Look for potholes in your car park, missing anti-slip tread on steps, and fraying or worn carpet. Anything that presents a slip hazard needs to be at the top of your to-do list.

Poor Flooring
If your flooring isn’t holding up to the high traffic that it’s enduring, then switching to an Epoxy resin floor will save you time and money in subsequent building maintenance checks. The durable resin coats your concrete floor and lasts for up to 10 years. It’s impact resistant, repels chemicals and, as it’s so smooth, it is incredibly easy to keep clean.

Epoxy floors come in many colours, so you can even match your flooring to your branding!

Missing Markings

Check that all of your safety markings are still visible. Line markings are essential in warehouses and environments where there are vehicles and pedestrians, so ensuring they’re intact and clear is vital. If not, book a contractor to come and redo the lines as soon as possible.

Building Maintenance: Your Annual Responsibility

If you’ve not planned a building maintenance check for the next year, now is the time. Get yourself a clipboard and start looking closely at all of the things we have outlined – we promise that by being proactive with repairs and maintenance, you’ll save yourself stress and cash in the long run. 

And if you want to pass the obligation onto a professional team who can ensure every aspect is thought of, then talk to us about our property maintenance services. We can create a package that spreads the cost, so you get high-quality maintenance without a huge bill.

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