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Approved Antibacterial Coatings That Maintain Hygiene For Longer
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Approved Contractors in Certified Antibacterial Coatings That Protect Against Bacteria and Mould Growth.

If your building is required to meet hygiene standards or regulations, our antibacterial coatings provide high-performance protection and increased durability. As approved applicators of hygiene coatings, GI Sykes is certified to ensure that your facility is up to standard.

Antibacterial coatings play an essential role in many industries and sectors. Our specialist products have been designed to prevent contamination, inhibit the growth of bacteria and mould while also being easy to disinfect.

Here at GI Sykes, we have a team of hygienic coatings experts who understand the requirements, needs and challenges that each sector faces. We do our best to ensure a smooth, simple process is in place, right from your initial quote through to completion.

Our team will work with you to minimise any disruption to your business during the antibacterial coating process. We can work out of hours or suggest coatings that have a quicker application time, based on your specific needs.

If you’re looking for a highly experienced antibacterial coatings contractor with an extensive range of hygiene coatings for your walls or floors, GI Sykes is ready to help.

Meet Industry Standards

Many industries are expected to have an antibacterial provision in the workplace. We will use appropriate hygiene coatings that meet all of your requirements and supply certification to support your overall hygiene standard.

Not Just Functional

Our antibacterial coatings also improve the appearance of your interior, so you can have a flawless finish that also offers protection against biohazards.

Multiple Solutions

Do you have a high traffic area? An uneven floor? Maybe you need minimal downtime? There is such a wide range of antibacterial coatings available, GI Sykes can easily identify the best solution for your situation.
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