Why Flat Roof Repair Is So Expensive?

If you’re looking into repairing a flat roof, you probably have a few questions about it. The usual queries we get at GI Sykes are things like: ‘how long does flat roof repair take?’ and: ‘how do I know if I need to repair my flat roof?’. But the question we’re asked the most is ‘is repairing a flat roof expensive?’

Well, how long is a piece of string?

We’re joking, of course – but the reality is, estimating the cost of a flat roof repair means understanding just what the problem is and the extent of the work that needs to be done. It also depends on what you consider expensive – for some businesses, a couple of thousand pounds is a small amount to find; for others, it’s going to be tight. 

So, while we can’t give you a specific answer in this blog, we can outline the factors we use when pricing a roof repair. That way, you can a) understand our quote when we send it to you and b) make sure any other quotes you get includes everything to avoid any nasty ‘hidden’ extras.

Let’s get to it!

Flat Roofing Repairs: An Overview

Repairing a flat roof can mean anything from a quick patching job to a whole roof coating – and obviously, these carry very different costs. Below you’ll find a rundown of the common issues we carry out roof repairs on.


Alligatoring is a term used to describe one of the most common problems experienced with flat roofing. It’s when the asphalt used to coat your roof’s membrane starts to age. Over time, the asphalt loses its elasticity and starts to dry out, and as it does so, it begins to resemble the skin of an alligator. And while this might be a fashion statement on a handbag, it spells big trouble for your roof.

You see, asphalt is what keeps your roof watertight, so once that’s compromised, you are more likely to find other problems arise, like leaks.

Leaks & Water Ingress

You probably don’t need a blog to tell you that if water is coming through your roof, you need to get it repaired. So we won’t. But we will explain why it’s happening and what it means if you delay sorting it. 

Leaks happen because your roof coating has been jeopardised. That may be because of a tear, it may be because of total coating failure, or you might have a missing flashing. Whatever the reason, fixing the cause means you don’t risk more substantial problems with the structure of your roof or the ceiling below. Water seeping in can cause the wooden beams to rot, the plaster to come away and mould to form – all things you want to avoid.


Bubbles or blisters in your flat roof mean that air has become trapped between the layers of the membrane. These blisters don’t pose an immediate threat, but the coating can crack over time, allowing water in. If you only have a few small blisters, you can keep an eye on their development and delay your flat roof repair for a short time; however, if there are lots of bubbles or they’re large, you should address the issue promptly.

Ponding & Pooling Water

If your roof has puddles that take a while to dry up following rain, you might have what’s known as ponding. It means that your flat roof is no longer completely flat but has areas where it has sunk. Water collects here rather than running off and, depending on how deep they are, can take a long time to dry out. 

Standing water on your flat roof can affect the integrity of the coating, add to the weight load of your roof, it can freeze and cause splits.


So, What Makes Repairing A Flat Roof Cost So Much?

Once the issue (or issues) has been identified, we will look at what we need to do to repair your roof. There are some things we’ll require for all jobs, and some are more specific. The factors we include for all flat roof repairs are;


Most roofing work needs safe access and platforms for contractors to work from. Scaffolding adds to the cost of your project, but it also adds to its safety. 


It’s no secret that construction materials have been subjected to some rather eye-watering price increases over the last couple of years. Low stock, supply chain disruptions and increases in shipping, energy costs and fuel have meant that some products have gone up by 20% since 2020. 

Your flat roof repair cost will depend heavily on what materials we need. However, thankfully, a lot of the materials we use for roofing have started to drop in price, but things like timber are still fluctuating.


One factor that makes repairing a flat roof a costly venture is the quality of the contractor you use. You can probably find someone willing to carry out the work for a lesser price, but with so many rogue traders cashing in on people’s desire to cut costs, there’s a chance you end up with a roof repair that won’t last – or worse still, that never happens.

We all know the horror stories of customers handing over hefty deposits for work that doesn’t get done. And it’s sadly all too common. 

GI Sykes has been around for half a decade – we’re certainly not going anywhere! We employ all of our staff rather than use sub-contractors; each is highly experienced and trained in their trade. We wholeheartedly stand by the quality of our workmanship and guarantee it, so you know that your roof repair is an investment that will see you right for years to come.

Plant & Equipment

Like our people, we only use the most effective and reliable machinery, which is regularly serviced and maintained. It ensures the safety of the operatives, the safety of your building and delivers a better job. 


If you own a company, you’ll know that commercial insurance is an essential cost of business. We carry the highest levels of insurance, which protects you just as much as us when we’re working on your premises. 


Flat Roof Repair: Expensive, But Cheaper Than Flat Roof Replacement!

So there you have it, some of the reasons why repairing a flat roof costs what it does. But before you dismiss your roofing issue as one you can ignore, have a quick Google for the cost of roof replacement – it’s a whole lot MORE expensive!

If you want to talk to us about any issues you have with your flat roof, please get in touch. We can arrange a no-obligation consultation so you can find out exactly what it’ll cost to have it repaired.

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