Commercial Decorating 101: Everything You Need To Know


Is your building looking a bit tired from the outside? Or maybe it’s the interiors that need a bit of a makeover. 

Either way, commercial decorating will be high on your agenda. Commercial decor is similar to domestic decor; it just tends to be on a larger scale and uses more industrial materials. 

But what does commercial decorating include? And what should you be asking for?

You’re about to find out.

Commercial Decorating: The Whole Building

Commercial decorating covers the inside and outside of the building; at GI Sykes, we’ve got you covered. 

But why should you bother? Why is commercial decorating so important?

It’s simple. If you own the business that runs from your property, how you portray your business through the aesthetic of the building will have an effect on both your employees and any visiting customers. 

No one wants to work in a shabby office block; we want to feel comfortable – and even proud – of where we work. And for potential and existing customers, a clean, smart and stylish business hub says much about how you run things. 

And if you’re simply the property owner? The people who rent your spaces will expect and may even pay more for a building that gives them a professional and upmarket appearance.  

Every building will need different tasks undertaken to achieve the desired result. For example, a warehouse will require very different aesthetics than a retail business. So next, we’ll explore some of the typical services that commercial decorators tend to offer.  

Interior Commercial Decorating

Let’s start inside the building. Here is a list of some of the aspects commercial decorators can tackle.

Walls And Ceilings

When you want to revamp the walls and ceilings of a building, you’re looking at a huge job. Undertaking the whole thing yourself is unlikely to be something you have the time or experience for. (Think about all of that cutting in!)

Whether the decorating is driven by a rebrand or tired walls and ceilings that need a bit of love, commercial decorators can deliver an exceptionally pristine finish that will inspire employees and give potential customers a good impression. 

Not sure what colour to choose? There’s a huge choice of shades to browse. And if you’ve got something specific in mind, we can even mix colours to your requirements. Either way, commercial decorators like GI Sykes can offer professional advice and guidance on colours and finishes. 


Decorating business premises is a world away from decorating your house. 

Often, your building will feature numerous multi-storey stairwells, and these can begin to look worn quickly due to the sheer amount of footfall they experience daily. And, on a more practical level, they are extremely tricky to decorate because of their size, height and awkward angles. 

Commercial decorators have extensive experience in tackling stairwells and know how to work safely to achieve the look you’re going for. Their expertise also lends itself to providing a fast and seamless finish, and they will be able to advise you on various durable paints that work well in high-traffic areas, meaning your stairwells will look great for longer.


Doors And Woodwork

Doors and woodwork shouldn’t go ignored and can greatly impact how your building looks. 

If it’s a new look you’re after, simply changing the colour can work wonders. Or if a rebrand is on the table, doors and woodwork can be painted (or stripped) to match the colour scheme and transform the building from drab to modern.

And it doesn’t just stop at wooden doors; we can revamp steel and aluminium doors and frames too. 

Exterior Commercial Decorating

How your building looks from the outside speaks volumes. Here are some ways commercial decorators can improve the appearance of your building’s exterior.

Window Frames

For worn and discoloured window frames that look dull and in poor condition, GI Sykes can give them a new lease of life.

Spraying the window frames of your property can improve how it looks externally and also help to protect against weathering. Whether it’s a rebrand and a change of colour, or just a touch-up to keep your building looking fresh, spraying the window frames is a relatively small job that reaps big rewards. 


GI Sykes are market-leading commercial cladding maintenance specialists, and we’re experts at spraying it, too.

Long-lasting and perfect for protecting your building from the weather, cladding is a feature of many commercial properties UK-wide. But when it looks dull and dirty or has been damaged, it can become a risk to the structure of the building, not to mention give a poor impression of your corporate image. 

To transform your exterior, get commercial decorators to apply a fresh coat of specialist paint, fix any parts suffering from the usual wear and tear and organise routine, annual maintenance checks to ensure your cladding remains in good nick.

Your cladding is an integral part of your property; not only does it protect your building from the worst of the weather, but it also serves as a visual representation of your business. Dull, damaged and dirty cladding is a risk to both your structure and your corporate image. Update the colour with our onsite spraying and maintain it with our commercial cladding maintenance service. This will ensure that the condition of your cladding is protected and preserved as time goes on. 


External Walls

Paintwork, inside and out, can suffer in busy commercial and industrial environments. External walls can become marked and unsightly, even to the point where it begins to devalue your property, not to mention your reputation.

With over 100 years of combined industrial and commercial decorating, GI Sykes can quickly and expertly refresh external walls, improving the appearance of your premises, protecting it against graffiti and giving them a professional flourish that will impress clients and improve your corporate image. 

What Makes A Commercial Decorating Company Professional?

We knew you’d ask.

When you bring in a commercial decorating company, you can spot the signs of professionalism through these four main areas:


Professional commercial decorators will have extensive experience in all areas of their trade and be able to prove it. 

GI Sykes is a fourth-generation family-owned and operated contracting business with a strong team of over 65. Between us, we have over 100 years of experience doing what we love, and doing it well – you can read all about the exceptional work we do in our case studies


Extensive and appropriate training and development for all workers is a crucial part of running a commercial decorating business, and GI Sykes doesn’t take this element of professionalism lightly.

Not only does every contractor and technician we bring on board hold exceptional ability and skill at protecting your building, but ongoing training and development in their areas of expertise also keep our standards high and our minds engaged.  


Professional commercial decorators will hold extensive and up-to-date qualifications and accreditations that are recognised in the industry.

GI Sykes has been delivering excellence for 55 years and is fully insured and qualified. A few of the organisations we are approved by and registered with include:

  • CHAS, the UK leader in compliance and risk management
  • Constructionline, a register for pre-qualified contractors and consultants in the construction industry
  • The FMB, a UK trade association that protects small and medium-sized building firms
  • The NHBC, an organisation that provides consumer protection for homebuyers through its 10-year Buildmark warranty

To find out more about us, head to our website.

Why Invest In Commercial Decorating?

When you fork out for commercial decorating for your property, you’re ensuring any work carried out is completed to the highest level, leaving you with a professional finish.

Quality Products

Commercial decorators like GI Sykes will use professional quality paint and other materials that aren’t available to the public. This stuff is far superior to the off-the-shelf equivalent you’d find in a hardware store, meaning your money is well spent, and the work will last.


Need to schedule a partial or whole school revamp? Book us in for the holidays, and we’ll be sure to transform your space before the kids are due back.

With a team of over 65 expert contractors at our disposal, any jobs we’re hired to do – no matter their complexity – happen fast and leave our customers smiling. 


Insurance is a must, no matter the project, and it protects both the contractor and the client.

Any competent and professional building contractor should have insurance that covers the type of work you’ve booked them for, including public liability insurance. GI Sykes are insured to the highest standard, giving you peace of mind that should anything go wrong, you, your property and your people are protected. 

Complex Jobs

Professional commercial decorating contractors are highly skilled at carrying out complex jobs, like painting stairwells, spraying cladding – even at height – and treating the steel structure of your building with intumescent paint to protect it against fire. 

Professional Service And Minimum Disruption

When a commercial decorating company carries out a job in your building, they cover and protect all exposed equipment and fixtures like radiators, carpets and machinery. 

With GI Sykes, your satisfaction is our top priority. You won’t find us cutting corners! We turn up when we’re supposed to and work as quickly and quietly as possible without compromising the quality of the finish. 

Quality Customer Service

GI Sykes hold many an accreditation, including ISO 9001 and ISO 4001, which ensure quality customer service and environmental management systems respectively. 

If you choose to work with GI Sykes to transform your property, you’ll experience the values of a family-run business alongside the capabilities of a large commercial contractor. 


Whether it’s steel fireproofing or epoxy resin floor treatments you’re after, our contractors are qualified, trained and insured – and have everyone’s safety front of mind. 

What Do We Decorate?

GI Sykes are award-winning commercial decorators with a competitive pricing structure and outstanding customer service. We have been providing quality workmanship nationwide since 1965.

As for what sort of buildings we decorate, the sky is the limit. So far, we’ve transformed…

  • Schools
  • Offices
  • Hotels
  • Retail units
  • Industrial buildings
  • Warehouses
  • Offices, and
  • Public buildings.

(And, not to brag, but some of the names we’ve worked with include Tesco, McDonald’s, Starbucks, Audi and the NHS).

Commercial Decorating Emphasises The Value Of Your Business

Getting in professional commercial decorators to enhance the look and protect the structure of your building isn’t just about saving time; it’s about increasing value.

A freshly decorated workspace can increase employee engagement and productivity, impress new and existing clients and even save lives if disaster strikes.

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