Commercial Roof Repair: From Leaks To Restoration

Commercial Roof Repair From Leaks To Restoration6

The idea of commercial roof repair can be daunting, with the worry of massive costs often associated with the subject – after all, if schools and churches need to constantly run fundraisers to sort the problem, it must be expensive, right?

The truth is, if you get to grips with your commercial roof repair and have a good understanding of what’s going on for your roof, those mammoth charges can be easily avoided. Prevention, especially when it comes to your roof, is much cheaper than the cure.

Don’t avoid – let’s talk the essentials of commercial roof repair.

The Signs of Commercial Roof Damage

The first step is to inspect the roof regularly to check for damage. Remember to take all appropriate safety precautions.

Here are some common roofing problems to look for:


What is ponding?

As you might expect, ponding is when water pools and settles on your flat roof, forming a puddle or pond. While some standing water is normal on a roof, especially in heavy rain, if it persists and doesn’t evaporate within a day or two, then it’s a cause for concern.

Ponding encourages mould growth and will lead to greater damage, such as leaks and structural problems with roof sagging over time. Don’t leave it untended.

What do you need to look for?

Places where water collects and pools. If the weather has been dry for a while and you are suffering ponding, then the problem is likely to be more significant as any temporary puddles from the rain should have cleared up.

What to do?

Ponding occurs when areas of the roof are lower than those around them, and the drainage is insufficient. Having a professional survey the roof to determine how significant the problem is should be your first call. It may be that you need to improve the drainage, the roof could be in need of repair, or you may want to consider a sloping roof section.

Commercial Roof Repair From Leaks To Restoration5


What is alligatoring?

Alligatoring can happen when your roof gets old. Battling the weather for years can lead to multiple cracks that look like the skin of an alligator – thus the name. Like many problems, left untouched, it will just get worse.

What do you need to look for?

Scour the roof for patterns of cracks that look like reptilian skin.

What to do?

Alligatoring is fixed by the application of a new coating to the roof. It’s a job best left to the professionals and can be done cost-effectively if caught early.


What are tears?

Roof tearing occurs after a while due to the stretching and contracting of the roof membrane as it heats and cools. Wear can occur at the joints and corners, which become tears that can lead to leaks and peeling.

It’s a problem that’s more common in rubber EPDM roofs.

What do you need to look for?

Check the roof for wear and tear on the surface. Pay particular attention to edges and corners.

What to do?

Like the other roofing issues, tears are easily resolved by professional commercial roof repair if discovered early. Regular roof inspections will ensure tearing is only ever a minor problem.


What is blistering?

Like alligatoring, blistering happens over time as the sun and weather beat down on the roof. Here, the air or moisture in the roof membrane can expand and stretch the surface, forming bulging blisters.

What do you need to look for?

Sections of roof that have become lumpy and blistered.

What to do?

Some blistering can be ignored as it doesn’t immediately cause other problems, such as leaks. However, the blistering is a weakness in the membrane and needs to be regularly monitored. Eventually, it will become larger or crack, at which point professional repair is necessary. 


What is mould?

Mould, fungus, and moss are natural growths, but that doesn’t make them desirable. The presence of mould shows that areas of the roof are collecting water and may be leaking. Additionally, the growths themselves will cause damage to the structure over time.

What do you need to look for?

Patches of mould, fungus, and moss are easily spotted. Make sure your roof inspection includes shadowed and overhanging areas – don’t leave any part of the roof ignored.

What to do?

If the mould has already damaged the roof, then a commercial roof repair is essential. Additionally, mould growth should be cleaned off and regularly treated with a fungicide to prevent its return. This can be done professionally or, if you are confident, as a DIY prevention method.

Commercial Roof Repair: What Does it Cover?

The umbrella term of “commercial roof repair” covers a huge variety of works, including:

Roof Maintenance

Regular inspection and maintenance of your roof is key to finding and fixing problems before they become more serious. When you book a professional roofer for regular maintenance, you can rest assured that your roof is in good care.

A professional is also important for your safety. With their experience and full understanding of roof health and safety guidelines, the chance of any accidents is significantly lowered.

Roof Repairs

Roof repairs are possible in most situations, avoiding the need for any costly roof replacement. These include:

  • Patching any smaller cracks or tears
  • Replacing the membrane, if necessary
  • Replacing flashing where it has torn beyond patching

Roof Restoration

A roof restoration is a full comprehensive fix of your roof, sometimes needed if maintenance has been neglected for a long time. It’s more significant than simple repair but far better than writing off a destroyed roof and replacing it with a new one.

Is Commercial Roof Repair Worth It?

We wouldn’t be here talking about commercial roof repair if it wasn’t worth doing! Here are the key reasons why you should consider regular roof inspections and repair work:

  • Preventing bigger problems – Like so many things, if you leave roof problems unchecked, they grow into bigger (and more expensive) issues. Regular maintenance and repair saves money in the long term.
  • Extending the lifespan of your roof – A well-maintained roof is a happy roof. Keeping on top of repairs will add years to the life of your building.
  • Maintaining your property value – A building with a damaged roof is worth a lot less than a pristine one. Don’t drop thousands off the value of your building by ignoring the roof.
  • Improving your energy efficiency – A well-maintained roof is far better insulation. Heating bills can double when the roof is damaged and leaking.
  • Staying safe – A roof in need of repair is often a dangerous roof. 
  • Keeping your building looking good – It may be a less important reason than the rest, but we all like to work in a good-looking and well-maintained space.

Choosing the Right Roof Repair Contractor

We’ve convinced you to undertake regular roof inspections and keep your roof repaired, but who should you get to do it?

Well, us at GI Sykes, of course! But let us tell you why.

  • A proven track record – You want your roofers to have plenty of happy customers. At GI Sykes, we’ve been doing this for decades and have helped many businesses keep their roofs in the best condition.
  • Expertise – It’s essential that your roof repairers have all the experience needed to do a top-notch job.
  • A team of trained contractors – It’s not just about the boss knowing the business; each and every contractor working on your roof needs to have been properly trained in both roofing skill and all safety aspects. At GI Sykes, we’re proud to have a well-trained team of dedicated roofing specialists.
  • On time and on budget – Professional roofers help you budget properly, with accurate quotes for both cost and time. Our administration staff here at GI Sykes work with the roofing team to keep our projects running smoothly – every time.

Dealing with commercial roof repair can be a challenge – there’s lots to think about and plenty that can go wrong in inexperienced hands. With the right contractor, you can be assured that your roof will always be in good shape. Contact us today to find out how GI Sykes can help you with your roof maintenance.

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