Is Silicone Rendering Worth The Cost?

Is Silicone Rendering Worth The Cost?

If you’ve been looking into rendering for your building, it is inevitable that you will soon come across the different types of renders available, from sand and cement rendering and lime rendering through to the premium nature of silicone rendering. One question will quickly arise: is silicone rendering worth the additional cost? Because, let’s face it, it can be twice as expensive as some alternatives.

What do you get for this thin-coat spray rendering? How is it better than traditional rendering?

You’re in the right place for some expert insight!

What is Silicone Spray Render?

Silicone renders are an improvement over a traditional render due to the inclusion of silicone to the mix. This rubbery polymer allows for a thin coat of render that is resistant to cracking and high temperatures, making it an excellent additional layer of protection for your building.

The Benefits of Silicone Rendering

When discussing silicone rendering, the qualities that are most likely to be considered are its highly durable nature and flexibility – it is this that makes the render less likely to crack and gives it a long lifespan.

They are not the only benefits of using a silicone render, however. Silicone is hydrophobic, which means that the surface resists water and stays clean and bright, with dust and dirt easily washed off by the rain. It is a superior barrier that permits the water vapour to leave the building while protecting it from the ravages of the weather – especially important in the UK! This means that condensation that forms within the building is lessened, helping protect the inside against damp and mould.

Its high-quality materials require only a single coat to be applied, leading to a thinner layer of render that’s easy to maintain. Not only that, but silicone renders are available in a wide range of colours and textures, giving you the perfect external aesthetic that will remain in place for decades.

The Drawbacks of Silicone Render

Of course, not everything is an upside. There are some negatives to a silicone render that should be given ample consideration.

The Cost

Being a premium product, silicone renders are more costly than other types of render, such as monocouche or traditional sand and cement. In this way, silicone renders should be seen as an investment in your property, with the benefits properly weighed against the need for additional budget.

Requires a Professional

A silicone spray render requires extensive experience and knowledge to apply and should not be undertaken as a DIY project. It is another factor that increases the overall cost of the project and can also have an impact on timescales and disruption.

At GI Sykes, we have specialists in the application of silicone renders and can provide the finest external render possible – contact us for a quote today.

The Environmental Impact

Sadly, silicone is a synthetic substance which means it is a less green option than the mineral-based renders. This is somewhat mitigated by its long-lasting nature, meaning the silicone render will stay in place for two to three times as many years as a traditional render. 

Is Silicone Rendering Worth The Cost? What to Look For in a Silicone Rendering Contractor

There are plenty of individuals and companies offering a silicone render, but it is important that you don’t just leap at the one with the cheapest quote. Getting a proper, experienced professional for your building work is essential and will avoid the problem of money saved in the short term, costing significantly in the long term.

Research your contractor before agreeing to the job, and consider the following:

  • Expertise – Ask the contractor how long they have been applying silicone renders and if they can provide any reviews, testimonials, and evidence of prior rendering work.
  • Timekeeping – Ask about their schedule and get a proper estimate of the time taken for the render work. Again, check testimonials (often easily available online) to see if they have kept the timescales of previous projects.
  • Communication – Trust your gut when it comes to communication. If they seem evasive, take a long time to return calls, or fail to provide a detailed estimate when asked, then it may be worth looking elsewhere.
  • Trade Association Membership – Being a member of a trade association demonstrates their skill and dedication to service. Ask to see these credentials.
  • Guarantee – Competent professionals will guarantee their work. Ask for a long guarantee on a silicone render that represents the longevity of the product.

Getting Your Silicone Render with GI Sykes

At GI Sykes, we are advocates of silicone rendering. While it is more expensive than some alternatives, it has less risk of cracking and will last for decades, making it a good investment that costs less in the long run.

Our team of professional renderers have decades of experience in external building rendering and are on hand to help you choose the right materials and styles for your home or commercial building. We will install a silicone render swiftly and efficiently, backed by a full guarantee that gives you peace of mind for years to come. Contact us today for a no-obligation estimate.

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