3 Things To Consider Before Hiring A Commercial Construction Company

3 Things To Consider Before Hiring A Commercial Construction Company1

Undertaking a substantial commercial construction project is no small feat!

And one of the pivotal decisions you’ll make in this process is selecting the right contractor. In this blog, we’re going to detail the three most important considerations you should keep in mind before hiring a commercial construction company.

Commercial Construction Vs Construction – What’s The Difference?

Before you start looking up builders and construction companies, it’s a good idea to get to grips with the different types that exist. Not all builders are the same, and while some will be honest and tell you if your project is outside their abilities, some may just see pound signs and agree regardless of whether it’s the best thing for you.

General Construction

General construction companies usually tend to specialise in residential projects, which means they’ll have a good understanding of the nuances that go along with working in family-centric environments. These companies often operate with a smaller core team, supplementing their workforce with sub-contractors as needed.

While they’re pretty adaptable, they might need extra equipment and machinery for big jobs. 

General construction companies typically carry insurance tailored to the scale of their projects, which might not cover the comprehensive needs of your commercial property.

Commercial Construction

Specialising in commercial buildings, these companies handle projects of various sizes, from small to large to enormous! They’ll cover everything from warehouse expansions to constructing entire housing developments. Equipped with larger, in-house teams, commercial companies will be able to handle projects seamlessly while still keeping up the standards of work. 

These companies usually own their plant and machinery, meaning greater autonomy and efficiency when they’re working on your project. Their insurance coverage is comprehensive, covering both you and them for all the many demands of a large-scale or commercial job.

So, once you have the commercial construction companies in mind that you’d like to contact for your project, how do you choose?

Experience: The Bedrock Of Trustworthiness

It’s no surprise that experience is top of the list of priorities. When you’re trusting a company with a project that is probably costing a fair amount, you need to know they know what they’re doing.

Here’s what you get when working with an experienced commercial contractor…


They’ll be seasoned professionals with a reservoir of knowledge to draw from. They’ll be able to navigate the complexities of a commercial project without fuss or stress.

Risk Management

They’ll use RAMS (Risk Assessment and Method Statement), which is a strategic planning tool that identifies potential risks. This allows them to take a proactive approach and reduce the chance of problems.

Project Management

Efficient project management is everything in commercial work, where budgets and schedules are key. Seasoned contractors will have no problem juggling the many aspects of your project through the whole process.


Established contractors have a strong network of suppliers and industry contacts, all cultivated through the years they’ve been working commercial building jobs. This means efficient supply chains and more competitive rates for you.

Resources: The Engine Behind Commercial Contractors

A commercial firm is usually a big operation with numerous staff and connections. They’ll be ready for whatever you can ask of them – more than that; they should be the ones able to advise you on the best course of action because of their collective knowledge-base.

It may include…

  • Builders
  • Carpenters
  • Electricians
  • Plumbers
  • Groundworkers
  • Project managers
  • Admin
  • Accounts

commercial construction1

This means contracts are managed by one company – the one you talk to! So, no surprises. Because of this, you get a consistent standard of work, smooth communication and a workforce that is well-prepared with the proper documentation. 

You’ll have a consistent point of contact throughout the process, someone you can talk to if you have questions or there are problems that need solving. And that’s not to mention that this company will have proper contracts in place and their staff will be taken care of properly and safely at all points. Financial stability is another bonus, as you can expect your construction company to have the resources to complete your project as you expect, without financial disruptions or extra costs put upon you.

Reputation: Deciphering The Character of A Construction Company

Construction is an industry steeped in horror stories – just look at the TV show Rogue Traders for some examples. So you can understand why it’s so important to know your contractor inside and out before entrusting them with your project, time and money.

Try doing the following to get a clearer picture of the company you’re approaching…

Look at social media…

Looking at a company’s social media activity lets you know about their completed projects, client interactions and whether they’re keeping their audience consistently updated. It’s a good indication that they value transparency.

Ask to speak to past clients…

Requesting and reviewing client testimonials is a great way to gauge reputation and how they deal with bad reviews and experiences.

Check recent work…

Find out as much as you can about their recent commercial construction work. You’ll get a real-world understanding of their specialisations and experience.

Get an idea of finances…

Financial stability is another aspect to look at. A financially stable company is more likely to honour its commitments.

Other Considerations

When looking into a commercial construction company, consider the extra variables, like…

Cost – Transparent discussions about your budget from the outset will make sure the company has a clear idea of how to move forward and the options available to you.

Specialist skill – Does the contractor have the skills your project will need? Some projects may have specific regulatory aspects or special knowledge required. 

Guarantees – Having confidence and quality guarantees are invaluable once you’re halfway through your project and hoping for the best!

Sustainability – Environmental awareness is essential in all new construction projects, so having an eco-conscious company on your side will be invaluable.

Ready To Start Construction?

Choosing the right construction company is crucial if you want your project to go off without a hitch. By focusing on experience, resources and reputation, you can identify a contractor you can trust with your commercial vision. 

If you’re eager to kickstart your commercial construction project with a reliable and experienced team, get in touch! We are here to discuss your ideas, budget and project requirements. 

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