5 Ways Commercial Builders Can Save You Money

When it comes to commercial builders, there’s a lot that can be offered to your building project to help to reduce your costs. And if you’re planning a building renovation or construction, keeping a keen eye on your budget is a significant aspect of your project management.

At GI Sykes, we pride ourselves on our ability to offer our commercial building clients a stellar service that can be relied upon to be as cost-effective as possible. But you don’t just need to take our word for it, we’re going to explain five ways that commercial builders can save you money…

1.We Get Better Rates

Given that we build commercial premises all day, every day it is no surprise that we get better rates on materials than even some of our fellow commercial builders. And with over 58 years in business, we have a robust network of suppliers that allow us to achieve great costs for the materials we use.

The global pandemic, the rising costs of fuel, Brexit, extreme demand and various industrial strikes have led to the cost of materials soaring to an all-time high. And now we have to factor in energy price hikes into the cost of production, it’s not looking likely that that will change anytime soon. A good commercial builder will utilise their supplier network to get the best rates on materials possible, and here’s the important bit, pass that saving on to their client. 

Some commercial builders see the opportunity to increase their revenue by retaining the difference in materials, while others will help to bring down the cost of a project by passing their great rates on.

2. Work Fast. Work Smart

Typically, commercial builders tend to have a larger workforce. We have a huge team of contractors that are directly employed by us (many use sub-contracted staff who don’t always offer consistency in skill and dedication). 

When we take on your commercial build, we have a large pool of experienced and qualified contractors we can select from to work on your project. We match those with the most relevant skills to your project, so we know that it will be expertly handled from the get-go.

Things like ill health, problems with other projects and sub-contractor shortages won’t affect the pace of your project, because we have the resources to deploy alternative team members when necessary. With smaller, non-commercial builders there’s a danger that your project timeframe can overrun due to unexpected issues. This not only delays the opening of your building, which can cause you a loss of earnings, but you may also even still incur charges for the missing days.

Our project timelines aim to be as rapid as possible, with every necessary trade pre-booked to ensure that it runs on time and in budget.


3. Reliable Workmanship

We hold all of our employees to a high standard of workmanship and as a result, we have an outstanding reputation as reliable and quality commercial builders. 

Sadly, within the construction industry there are instances of clients falling prey to so-called ‘rogue traders’. These unscrupulous contractors often cut corners and use sub-par techniques and materials, and often the poor workmanship doesn’t show until months down the line when it can become difficult to get a resolution. We’ve even heard horror stories where entire buildings have needed to be razed to the ground due to shoddy and dangerous construction.

Thankfully, these stories are few and far between, but carrying out a thorough investigation of your proposed commercial builders is always a good idea. At GI Sykes, we’re approved by some of the construction industry’s leading awarding bodies, such as CHAS, SafeContractor and Constructionline, which reassures our clients that not only have we been carefully vetted by different organisations, but that they also have recourse if something goes wrong (not that this has ever happened!).

There’s truth in the adage; ‘pay cheap, buy twice’, so make sure you don’t lose money by investing in a poor choice of commercial builders.


4. Futureproof

All of our work carries a long guarantee – and you can be assured that we’ll always be around to see it through. Another sad fact that has arisen from the recent stresses on the industry is the closure of many construction firms. Some have fallen foul of the hard times created by the turbulent labour market, others due to the financial strain that the pandemic and supply chain issues have put them under. 

Wherever the reason, if your commercial builders go out of business, you lose any assurance that their guarantees are provided. Ultimately that means you may end up footing the bill for any repairs or remedial work on your building that occurs in the future. 

GI Sykes is a generational business that has survived through many turbulent times – our company structure ensures that we’ll be here for another 58 years – at the very least!

5. Project Management 

A standard factor in any of our construction projects is the inclusion of a dedicated project manager. This is an appointed team member who is there to advocate for you throughout your building work. 

From the initial planning to the day-to-day management, through to the signing off, your project manager is there to work on your behalf. As part of our team, they’ll be able to direct and work closely with our commercial builders, but as your representative on-site, they’ll ensure that everything keeps to schedule and help overcome any unexpected events.

This careful management of your construction work helps keep a tight rein on timings and budget, saving you hours of stress and the risk of spiraling costs.


Commercial Builders: A Savvy Investment

So, if you are weighing up the pros and cons of using commercial builders, the above should help you make an informed choice. Using a commercial construction company for your building projects should not only give you peace of mind about the quality of your build, but it should also keep your costs down. 

To talk to us about your prospective building projects, please visit and arrange for one of our commercial building experts to contact you.

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