Cladding Spraying vs. Replacement: The Right Choice for Your Commercial Building

What your customers see when they approach your building is an image that will colour their impression of you forever. It’s vital to maintain a visually appealing exterior to your commercial building and represent your business in the way you want the outside world to see you.

Not only that, but regularly maintained cladding ensures your building exterior doesn’t become damaged as it fends off the ravages of the British weather.

Cladding spraying provides a viable alternative to the more costly cladding replacement, helping you turn your tired old cladding into a vibrant new exterior that ensures a positive impact on visitors.

What is Cladding Spraying?

Cladding spraying is exactly what it seems – a coloured protective coating that’s sprayed onto your existing cladding to revitalise the hard wearing material underneath. It’s suitable for application on all common types of commercial cladding, including aluminium, steel, and uPVC, and it can be applied swiftly and safely by an experienced team of professionals, minimising disruption to your business.

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Why Consider Cladding Spraying?

If the outside of your building looks tired and the cladding no longer projects the image that you want your customers to see, then something has to be done. Do you consider cladding spraying or opt for entirely new cladding? What about doing nothing at all?!

Problem 1: Significant Damage

If your external cladding has significant damage, let’s not mess around – you need to replace it. Covering large problems with even the best cladding spraying is not going to work, and doing nothing will just lead to a potentially larger bill at a later date – or worse, some sort of accident that could have been avoided.

The answer to this problem is clear: replacement cladding.

Problem 2: Wear

Cladding lasts a long time – it’s one of the reasons it’s a great solution to the issue of protection for commercial buildings – but a long time isn’t forever. Over the years, the weather is going to do what it does best and work away at that protection. Both replacing the cladding and spraying are solutions to the problem of wear, and really, it comes down to cost – replacement is considerably more expensive. As for doing nothing… well, you could, but how long are you willing to watch your building slowly fall apart?

The answer: cladding spraying for cost-effectiveness until it’s reached its end of life.

Problem 3: Tired- Looking Exterior

So, there’s nothing technically wrong with the effectiveness of your cladding, but it’s looking tired and it is damaging the impression you are giving customers. A tired-looking exterior may seem like a ‘who cares, do nothing’ problem, but the impact on your business is often significant:

  • Lost Business – Customers choose to go elsewhere based on a negative impression.
  • Poorer Negotiating Power – Customers expect to be given better discounts and deals because they perceive you as a struggling business.
  • Low Staff Morale – Your employees feel drained turning up to the same old depressing building day after day, with no sign that anything is being done to revitalise it.
  • Personal Misery – You may even lose your own passion for your business, feeling like it’s just going nowhere.

But there’s no need to go to the expense of completely recladding the premises. The answer is is: cladding spraying.

Problem 4: A Rebrand

One of the largest revitalisations your business can undergo is a rebranding. You change your logo, you update your colour palette, and you feel like a phoenix reborn. Rebranding means that updating your exterior is essential; after all, you don’t want your customers to be confused when they seek you out.

Sure, you could splash out on a full cladding replacement, but let’s face it, what you really need to do is brighten it all up with a new coat of paint!

The answer? You’ve got it: cladding spraying.

The Pros of Cladding Spraying:

  • Cost Effectiveness – It’s a significantly lower outlay when compared to a complete replacement.
  • Minimal Disruption – The turnaround time is quick, and there’s minimal disruption to your business’s daily operations.
  • Enhances Aesthetics – Spraying provides a fresh, professional appearance for your premises and offers an impressively wide range of colour options to match your company branding.
  • Extended Lifespan – High-quality coatings protect your cladding and extend its lifespan.
  • Improved Impact – Customers enter your building with respect and confidence while staff come to work feeling revitalised.

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Understanding Cladding Replacement

There will be times when replacing the cladding will be the better option:

  • Extensive damage
  • Structural issues
  • The decision to upgrade cladding materials

Cladding replacement means removing all the old cladding and replacing it with new, though you might only need a few panels replaced, and these can be sprayed to match the colour of the existing cladding.

The considerations when considering cladding replacement are:

  • Cost – It’s a significant investment when compared to spraying.
  • Disruption – A recladding project has safety considerations that may disrupt your business operations and cause unwanted downtime.
  • Waste – Removing the old cladding generates additional waste and has an environmental impact that should be considered.

Making The Choice: Cladding Spraying or Replacement?

The questions to consider when choosing between cladding spraying and cladding replacement should be:

  • Is the existing cladding structurally sound? – Assess any damage and consider a professional survey.
  • How much budget do I have? – Consider your budget constraints and the long-term cost benefits of each option.
  • Can we afford the downtime? – Understand what the disruption may entail.
  • What is the look we want? – Consider your branding.

Choosing GI Sykes as Your Cladding Experts

At GI Sykes, we have decades of experience in cladding and offer a high-quality cladding spraying service that can revitalise your building’s exterior without breaking the bank. Contact us today for a comprehensive assessment and quote and discover the uplifting benefits of cladding spraying.

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