5 Benefits Of Roof Coating

Roof coating is one of the most effective ways to reduce your business’s environmental impact and increase your building’s efficiency. In recent years, businesses have been increasingly investing in the preservation of their commercial spaces, which, for many, has helped to lessen the impact of recent economic stress.

If you’ve been considering roof coating for your commercial property, then read on to see why it is such an incredibly beneficial route to go.


What Is Roof Coating?

Before we get to what makes roof coating so good, we’re going to briefly outline what it is. Roof coating is quite literally, coating your roof with a substance to provide enhanced protection from weathering and ageing. At GI Sykes, we use the industry’s most respected and trusted brands such as Giromax, Tor Coatings and Cromapol because we know that these products, along with our expertise, will give you the most long-lasting protection.

So, why opt for roof coating?

It Saves You Money

Top of the list is the one that can have the greatest direct impact on your business. Roof coating saves your business money in a variety of ways. It acts as insulation for your building, so your space stays warmer for longer. In winter, you’ll be able to drop the thermostat a couple of degrees without making your staff and customers feel the chill. With the coming energy cost price hike, this could be very welcome news!

In summer, a roof coating can also help to deflect UV rays which can keep your space cooler. If you find that your building gets stuffy and hot, a huge heat-attracting roof is certainly going to add to the discomfort. By adding a roof coating, you can help to bring the ambient temperature down.

Longer Life Span

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that a protective roof coating will extend the lifespan of your roof. Not only will that reduce your annual maintenance budget, but it will also mean that you can stave off expensive roof replacement by some stretch.

The cost of adding a roof coating is insignificant when compared to that of replacing your roof, but it is something that needs to be done before age-related damage and weathering sets in. If you have a relatively new roof you may think that it’s all good for a few years – but the best time to take preventative action is at the start. There’s never a ‘too early’ for roof coating, but there can be a ‘too late’!

In the UK, our weather is diverse – winters are often frosty, we have year-round rain, as well as periods of dry, hot sun in the summer and early autumn. Your roof will bear the brunt of these extremes, often suffering minor damage and problems as a result. Roof coating will give you peace of mind that your roof will be resilient to corrosion, rust, bubbling, sagging and other common issues.

Innovation in the roof coating industry has led to some of the most durable and effective roof coating products on the market. The brands we use have a proven track record in adding many years of life to a roof, some for up to 20 years. They provide multiple levels of roof protection and greater resistance to the variation in climate.


Be More Green

Reducing your environmental impact is a key focus for many people. There’s a responsibility on businesses to set an example and do all they can to become more sustainable – in fact, it’s thought that 81% of people prefer to buy from or use businesses that are more sustainable and green.

Roof coating helps you achieve this. By adding insulation, you’re increasing your building’s energy efficiency. The same goes for the summer too – a cooler building means you don’t need to crank up the air conditioning or blast many fans around the space. 

Not to mention the very act of elongating the lifespan of your roof means that over the course of its existence you need fewer repairs and therefore fewer materials. And since your roof is lasting longer, you won’t require replacement as often, meaning less waste ends up in landfill.

A Good Impression

In business, you probably know that there’s nothing so powerful as a good impression. If your property is in disrepair, then the impression your clients and employees are given can be a negative one. No one wants to be known as ‘that shabby building on the corner’. 

By having a roof coating, you will be left with a pristine and seamless look to your roof. Coating also comes in different colours so if you want a smart black roof or a modern grey one, talk to us about how we can help.



One hazard with some roofs is the risk of degradation over time. Poorly maintained roofs and old roofs carry a risk of pieces becoming loose or unstable, which can end up falling to the ground where passers-by are endangered. By adding roof coating, you secure your roof and prevent future debris.

Roof Coating: The Wise Choice?

You may call us biased, but we think roof coating is the wisest choice for commercial property owners. We have roof coating at GI Sykes HQ because we know the value of prevention over cure. Our roof, and the roofs that we coat, will last longer, be more energy-efficient and look smarter for many years to come.

It’s a fast and easy process. Unlike having your roof removed and replaced, our team can prolong your current roof without any hassle. And if you’re worried about having to close while we apply your new roof coating, don’t be. Our expert contractors can work around your opening hours to minimise disruption to your business, and if the work can be carried out while you’re open, our team of professional roof coating specialists will ensure that it’s seamless and stress free for you and your business. 

Still on the fence? If you’re not sure if roof coating really is the right investment for you, give the team a call. We can talk in detail about your roof and how we can help.


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