Is Commercial Painting And Decorating Worth It?


Commercial painting and decorating is one of our most popular services at GI Sykes, but is it worth it? In this blog, we explore why getting a professional team to decorate your commercial property is a good idea and what you can expect from us. 

No Cutting Corners With Cutting In

If you have ever painted a room yourself, you know that the worst bit is cutting in. No matter how careful you are, there’s always a splodge of paint where you don’t want one. At home, you can probably live with the annoyance, but in a commercial environment, you want to portray a professional, sleek identity – so perfection is the only option. 

Commercial painting and decorating will always deliver a pristine finish. Our team of experienced decorators have been hired based on their skill and excellence, so your premises will get the five-star treatment.

Not Just Slapping Paint On

When you contract out your commercial painting and decorating, you can have a higher expectation of the finish you’ll get. Whether you want a uniform colour throughout your property, or you want something a little more adventurous, you’ll be impressed with what we do. 

Want your walls in your brand colours? No problem – we can get bespoke paint mixed in exactly the right shade. Want a pattern or design in your lobby? Happy to oblige! With a pro team, you can rely on us to ensure your new decor enhances your building and reputation. 

No Watching Paint Dry

As a busy business owner or property manager, you definitely have better things to do than watch paint dry. A full redecoration of a building can take days to complete, and you quite literally have to watch each coat of paint dry. Why give up your time to this arduous task when the pros can get it done more efficiently and to a higher standard?

Our team have systems in place to make quick work of commercial painting and decorating, so any disruption is minimised. They can even carry out the redecoration at times when you aren’t there, like weekends or holiday shutdowns.

We Have Better Kit

It’s not a brag; it’s just the truth. Commercial painting and decorating is one of our core services, and we believe in investing in the best products and materials. We don’t get our rollers and brushes from the big orange DIY store; we use specialist equipment that’s only available to those in the trade.

It means that we can rely on the finish of the job being impeccable. No wayward bristles embedded in the paintwork, no uneven texture – just smooth, clean walls and ceilings that give your building a fresh lease of life.

And that goes for the paint we use too – we use paint that has been battle-tested in commercial settings. It’ll withstand the daily grind that a busy work environment will put it under so your building will look good for years to come.


Better Value, Better Look

It might surprise you to know that our better workmanship is also better value. At the outset, it might seem like professional commercial painting and decorating is more expensive than grabbing a brush and tackling it yourself, but let’s just examine what costs are involved in the DIY approach.

  • Brushes, rollers, spray paint machines 
  • Dust sheets and protective clothing
  • Ladders and platforms
  • Specialist cleaning fluid for your equipment
  • Filler for any holes or cracks you uncover
  • Solution for prepping your walls and ceiling
  • A good quality undercoat
  • Highly durable paint suitable for high-traffic environments
  • Hours of your time

As you can see, the real cost of painting your property yourself is far higher, especially if you factor in any touch-ups or repairs you may need in the future (our work is guaranteed, so we’ll be back to fix any issues if needed).


No Risk, All Reward

When you book commercial painting and decorating services, you know that they are covered by insurance. Should someone fall or trip there’s no liability for you. If paint gets spilt on a laptop or carpet – they’ll replace it. But if it’s you or one of your staff up that ladder when it tips? That’s a big problem. 

Safety is a crucial issue, and it is one we take seriously. All of our team are trained to use our equipment safely and support each other while we operate. All of our work is fully insured and guaranteed, giving you peace of mind.

No Cleaning Up

Once you’ve done the back-breaking work of redecorating your office or warehouse, you then have to face the mammoth task of cleaning up. Unless you outsource, that is. Commercial painting and decorating means that not only do you get an impressive new look to your property, but it’ll also be left spotlessly clean. Think of it as a bonus!

So, Is Commerical Painting And Decorating Worth It?

Well, unless you like to lose time and money while standing up a ladder – then yes, commercial painting and decorating IS worth it. At least we think so. 

Like any service, the professionals just deliver a better quality result. So if you’re decorating because you want a slick, fresh appearance for your business, why would you take a chance on a bodged DIY job? Let the GI Sykes team loose on your commercial building and come back to an immaculate, superior finish that will stand the test of a bustling workplace.

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