Industrial Painting or Commercial Painting: Which Do You Need?

Looking to refresh your business premises and not sure if you need industrial painting or commercial painting? Wondering if they’re the same thing?

When you’re planning and overseeing such an important project, it’s essential that you get the right service.

Here’s a deep dive into industrial painting, commercial painting and everything you need to know to ensure you get the right service for you.

What Is Industrial Painting?

Industrial painting is so much more than just a coat of paint. It’s a shield for your business assets. It brings you protection and usability as well as spot-on aesthetics. Your building’s paint is an integral part of maintaining structural and decorative materials like wood, metal and concrete. 

Industrial painting projects can range from machinery and shutters to railings, and it ensures the longevity of these crucial structures. 

When it comes to industrial painting, the paint itself matters more than you might think. 

Often, specialist paints are involved, tailored to your specific surfaces and environmental conditions. This approach means your machinery, shutters and railings don’t just look good (they will), but they’re also prepared to withstand whatever your business can throw at it – sometimes literally! As well as standing up to the tests of time and the general wear and tear of industrial use.

What Is Commercial Painting?

Commercial painting is a wholly different case. When you hire a professional commercial painter, their job is to ensure your paint looks incredible. It’s all about the aesthetics and making an impact visually. 

No matter the type of building, whether a new housing estate, school, leisure facility or office space, your commercial painting is focused on creating an appealing and attractive environment. At GI Sykes, we’ve proudly worked on projects like Banbury Gate M40 that showcase the transformative power of commercial painting in enhancing the overall look of your new builds, offices or institutions.

And this type of painting doesn’t stop at walls; doors, window frames and ceilings can all benefit from commercial painting. Typically, you would expect it to involve on-site spraying techniques to achieve that flawless finish you’d expect, ensuring your commercial space has a stunning appearance, and it won’t be your paint that lets you down. 

Banbury Gate

The Key Differences Between Industrial Painting & Commercial Painting

It might not be well known, but there are some important differences between industrial painting and commercial painting. Knowing these differences can give you a better idea of which type of professional painter you will need for your project.

So, how do you tell the difference between industrial painting and commercial painting? Here are the crucial points to consider before hiring your professional…


The most obvious difference between these two types of painting for your business is the function. What do you want to achieve with your fresh coat of paint? You may want a cleaner, more professional look, or you may wish to treat your surfaces to make them last longer.

Industrial painting is primarily for preserving your building and surfaces, as well as ensuring the longevity of things like structures and machinery. 

Commercial painting is more about brand representation and creating an attractive visual appeal.


The types of surfaces dealt with in each of these types of painting can vary a lot. The paint being applied needs to be fit-for-purpose, so choosing the correct paint for the environment is a key difference. While industrial painting may require heavy-duty, non-chipping paint, commercial painting may require a smoother finish. 

What the paint is applied to is the other half of this. Industrial painting usually deals with various surfaces, including machinery and railings, while commercial painting focuses on painting doors, ceilings, walls and window frames.

Different canvas, different paint!

Technique & Skill

The techniques your chosen professional will use depends a great deal on your desired outcome and whether you require commercial or industrial painting. This is because both industrial and commercial painting requires different specialised skills. Industrial painting needs the knowledge of how to protect and preserve, while commercial painting demands expertise in creating visually stunning finishes.

Which Do You Need?

Now, it might be obvious which you need, but maybe you need a bit of both…

Choosing between commercial and industrial painting might seem straightforward based on your project’s goals. But you may need a combination in circumstances where you want an incredible finish that can still stand up against industrial usage. At GI Sykes, we offer expertise in both industrial and commercial painting, so you can get a holistic solution that speeds up projects and reduces your costs all in one.

We can manage these dual aspects of projects comprehensively, ensuring you only need to deal with one person. By streamlining your process in this way, you get the result you want, and you get it more efficiently!

Choosing A Professional Contractor

Without a doubt, choosing the right people for your project is the most important step. The difference between an expert and an amateur may cost your business a great deal. 

Consider experience and expertise, looking for a contractor with a proven track record in either industrial or commercial painting. You can ask to review their portfolio or references, or they might be readily available on their website for you to look through. 

You should also make sure they have specialisation in your industry, with contractors who are familiar with your particular environment, so they can work without disrupting your business as much as possible. 

And remember to ensure your chosen contractor has the correct insurances, certification and compliance that your project would require. This is essential and will give you valuable peace of mind during and after the work.

Carefully consider these factors when on the hunt for a professional contractor, and you’ll be confident your project is in capable hands.

industrial painting

Making Your Choice…

Industrial painting and commercial painting are very different, and getting the right contractor for your project is vital to make sure your business premises look good but also stand the test of time. If you’re unsure which service is right for you, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our experts, who can guide you through the decision-making process.

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