Giromax: What Is It And How Can It Save You Money?


Giromax is one of the leading names in protective coatings for treating your roof, cladding and guttering, but what makes it so good and how exactly can it save you money?

What Is Giromax?

The Giromax range includes several specialist coatings that help to restore and prevent a variety of issues that arise for buildings. At GI Sykes, we use Giromax because it delivers incredible protection that can be applied whatever the weather – which makes the process so much easier for our customers. 

Giromax Technology Ltd was founded over 20 years ago by those with technical expertise within the sheet metal manufacturing industry. It’s this expertise that enables Giromax to position itself as a specialist in the preservation and protection of industrial buildings.

But what problems can Giromax resolve – and just how does that save you money?

Cut Edge Corrosion

If you’ve not heard of cut edge corrosion, you’re either lucky enough to have avoided the issue so far or you’ve not inspected your building and the issue has gone unnoticed! In simple terms, cut edge corrosion is the disintegration of the edges of the steel sheets used in your roofing or cladding. The edges are the weakest spot in the sheet and are often the first place that damage occurs. 

Left untreated, cut edge corrosion can lead to serious problems with your roof or walls including leaks, damaged joints and even holes that may mean that the whole metal sheet requires replacement rather than repair. 

Giromax has invested heavily in the development of a treatment for metal roofs and cladding that helps to prevent cut edge corrosion from happening, as well as preventing further damage in areas where corrosion has already begun.

The coating encapsulates the metal edge, protecting it against UV rays, weathering and temperature changes. 

Flaking, Lifting Roof Coating


In the past, we’ve been asked why should a property owner bother with a roof coating and the answer is simple. Prevention is better than cure. Coating your roof helps keep the metal from becoming compromised by rust and other issues caused by weathering, UV light and standing water.

If you have a metal roof, the edges of the metal sheets are particularly susceptible to corrosion (much like cut edge corrosion above). Over time, the edges can become damaged by rain, frost and direct sunlight. The panels can delaminate, which is where the manufacturer coating lifts and the metal below is exposed. Not only can this make your roof look tatty and unkempt, but it also means that unless you treat the problem, you may also end up having to replace your roof. 

That’s why we highly recommend investing in roof coating for your property. In the three decades that we have been in business, we have never had a customer regret protecting their roof. And all those years of property maintenance have taught us a thing or two about what works and what doesn’t, which is why we have chosen to use Giromax products.

Giromax Roofcoat is an industrial roof coating solution that sets the benchmark for all roof coatings. Formulated using the latest technology, it’s been subject to rigorous research, development and testing which has resulted in a product that can considerably extend the lifespan of your roof. How’s that for a saving?

Rusty, Damaged Gutters


Your poor gutters. They don’t usually spring to mind when you think about what needs regular maintenance. As long as they’re not leaking, they’re doing ok, right? Wrong, actually. 

Your gutters play an essential role in the water management of your roof, carrying away rainwater so you don’t end up with pooling water. But their continual exposure to the wet, and the additional problems caused by clogging from plants, dirt and debris means that they’re most likely to suffer the effects of rust and weather damage. 

Damaged gutters can mean that your roof, or even the structure of your building, suffers from water ingress, corrosion and dampness. So what can coating your gutters do?

Giromax created Guttercoat, a specialised gutter coating that prevents corrosion by encapsulating the metal and its joints in a flexible but durable protective layer. When used with Giromax Sealant on damaged joints, your guttering can last up to another 15 years!

Peeling, Damaged Cladding

Your metal cladding is a workhorse. Not only does it make your building look good, but it also protects it from the damaging effects of sunlight, wind, rain and pollution – it even enhances the stability of your property. 

But the daily assault from the weather and environment can take its toll on your cladding, and you may start to see spots of rust, bubbling or peeling coating or cracks in the coating. And these might seem like minor issues, but if they’re not sorted they can escalate into a much larger problem that requires deep pockets to fix…

Cladding coating is one of the most effective ways to ensure that your cladding remains intact, even in the face of the significant weather changes we see in the UK. Giromax Girocote is an anticorrosive high opacity primer that can add 10 years of life to your cladding. 


Giromax: Yea or Nay?

So, now you know a little more about Giromax and what it can do for your property you can decide if you think it’s worth the investment. A quick round-up of the above should help get a clear idea of the ways these products can help save you money.

Rusting, damaged edges to your metal panels? Cut edge corrosion treatment will stop the damage from causing a bigger problem, saving you potentially thousands in replacement costs. 

Blistered roof coating? Roofcoat will ensure that your roof suffers no further damage – and it’s guaranteed for 25 years! Replacement zinc roofing costs around £20 per square metre (not including installation costs) – so add that to your savings.

Gruesome gutters? Rather than leave them to rust away, quick treatment can add over a decade to their lifespan, delaying the cost of replacement and saving you another couple of grand. 

And lastly, revive and protect damaged cladding with Girocote, because replacing your cladding is a huge job that will set you back an eye-watering amount. 

Your estimated savings are likely in the high thousands, not to mention the savings you will have on maintenance and energy costs.

So, if you want to know more about the Giromax products we use, get in touch and we’ll be happy to discuss your needs in detail.

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