Fire And Flood Restoration – Finding A Good Contractor

Fire And Flood Restoration Finding A Good Contractor6

Finding a fire and flood restoration contractor is the last thing you have time to do in the wake of a disaster. There’s no doubt about it; trying to find a contractor while dealing with the fallout of a fire or flooding is way up there on the stress-ometer.

Not only do you need someone who can act quickly, but you also need someone who will be approved by your insurers and – most importantly of all – do a good job.

So, to make it easier and quicker, here’s what to look for in a fire and flood restoration company.

Understanding Fire And Flood Restoration

Fire and flood restoration is a highly specialist field. It’s dedicated to the process of returning properties to their original condition following a serious disaster, specifically fires or flooding.

Catastrophes like this don’t just cause massive emotional distress; they also cause huge physical damage. Which in turn can lead to financial stress. This means fire and flood restoration specialists have a vital role in helping those who’ve experienced disasters in their property, be that commercial or residential.

The appropriate contractors have the task of returning the property to good condition, repairing, assessing, cleaning and rebuilding the areas that have been affected. 

With all of that in mind, there are some key factors to consider when you’re on the lookout for your specialist contractor when you need them most.

1. Availability

Time is, of course, of the essence following a disaster, particularly in the case of restoration. If it’s your business, commercial or industrial building that has been damaged, you face the loss of revenue, long downtimes, and possibly losing your reputation with local visitors who believe you’re closed for good. 

That means finding a contractor who can start work promptly is crucial. As soon as your insurance provider gives you the green light, your contractor should be ready and waiting to get started. 

2. Timeframes

Your specialist fire and flood restoration contractor absolutely must understand the timeframes involved in completing a restoration project. A general builder won’t have the same resources, experience and knowledge of what’s required in restoration, so you could find that their time frames are surprisingly different to professional commercial restoration contractors. Larger restoration contracts will usually require more manpower, resources and trade connections. 

A professional contractor will have these in spades, which means faster completion of your project and fewer holdups waiting for material deliveries or subcontractor availability. 

A reliable restoration contractor will have all the trades and experts ‘in-house’, so to speak. This reduces the complexity of managing every aspect of the rebuild, meaning quicker completion times and lower costs for you.

3. Communication

You’ll be keen to get back to normal, and the wait can be painstaking. So you need a contractor that’s good with communication – not just with you, but with other professionals, like your insurance company or council.

An efficient contractor will be able to anticipate when you need an update on progress and when to communicate issues to you – and how. Fire and flood restoration has some uniquely emotional demands on a contractor since they need to be especially mindful of the personal effect the disaster and consequent rebuild has on you.

Some projects aren’t straightforward either, and clear communication means everyone can plan ahead accordingly. You know when to invite staff back or when to allow occupants to return. In these cases, you need more than vague estimates and long waits for questions to be answered.

4. Experience

Knowing that a contractor has experience in fire and flood restoration means that you can feel more comfortable that the job will be done quickly and well.

Experience is certainly a reassuring factor. You should be able to trust that your contractor has handled similar situations in the past and that they can manage the usual problems that arise without fuss or causing you any further stress or financial strain.

Fire And Flood Restoration Finding A Good Contractor9

The best way to do this is by asking your contractor about their past projects, but there’s more to consider…

Selecting A Fire And Flood Restoration Contractor

Now you know the key factors you should be getting in your restoration contractor. It’s time to look into the process of selecting the right professional for the job. How exactly do you choose your contractor?

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Make a more informed decision by getting at least three quotes from contractors, focusing on those willing to give you detailed quotes, not just a vague total cost.

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