3 Signs It’s Time For A Commercial Refurbishment

Commercial refurbishment can bring a new lease of life to not only your premises but to your workforce too. It’s much more than just updating a colour scheme or replacing broken furniture. When done properly, a refurb can invigorate your business, helping to boost morale, profile, and, ultimately, profits. 

But how do you know when your building needs commercial refurbishment? Here are 3 signs that tell you it might be time to call in the experts…

Sign 1: Tired Exterior

If you walk into your property each day cringing at the faded, damaged cladding then it’s probably time you took action. Cladding is a workhorse, protecting your building from the perils of the Great British weather and over time, it’ll start to show signs of wear and tear.

The most common issues we see with exteriors are; 

Milky, faded paintwork – Maybe you had a sign-up that’s been removed or an area that was covered by a tree that’s come down. You’ll notice a huge difference in the colour of your paint, with exposed cladding or walls looking dull, faded and sometimes, covered in a milky residue. This is the result of oxidation and exposure to UV light, and it can make your building look unkempt and poorly managed.

Rust – Rust is another form of oxidation. Oxidation is a chemical reaction between oxygen, water and metal. Rust corrodes the metal surface, weakening it. If left untreated, rust can completely deteriorate metal, leaving holes and cracks that expose the vulnerable surface beneath.

Dented, damaged cladding – There’s nothing quite like the sinking feeling as you hear the crunch of metal on metal. If you’ve ever seen a vehicle reverse into a cladded building, you’ll remember the squealing, scraping sound or the hollow thud as damage occurs. While a dent might seem harmless enough, cracks in the protective coating that covers your cladding could be compromised, leading to bigger problems…like rust.

Cleaning or recoating your cladding is a relatively simple job for the experts. Armed with professional equipment and scaffolding, we can aid your commercial refurbishment by getting your cladding looking good as new in no time. If you want to know more about how we can clean, repair or recoat your cladding, take a look at the information here.


Sign 2: Dated Interior

While retro style is all the rage on the catwalks, it’s not so hot for your interiors (unless that’s your intentional aesthetic!). If the inside of your property is wearing paint from decades gone by, it might be time to sharpen up your image and invest in professional painting and decorating.

A new coat of paint isn’t just about freshening up your interiors, it can actually have a positive impact on your business as a whole. How, you ask? Well, in our experience, these are the hidden benefits of a commercial refurbishment of your building’s interior:

Improved Perception – A clean, well-maintained office, warehouse or retail unit makes people feel like you’re invested in them. Whether that’s your clients, customers or staff, when you show that you’re prepared to spend money on their comfort, they’ll repay you with loyalty and pride in their work or purchase.

A More Productive Environment – Much like a Marie Kondo-esque declutter at home, a commercial refurbishment gives you a reason to sort through your premises. Most businesses have a cupboard or drawer filled with old tech, broken chairs and reams of old paperwork. This is an opportunity to sort through everything to make better use of your space. That goes for the layout of your space too – is there a way to make your environment work better? Can you create zones or workstations that improve flow and productivity?

Get On Brand – Your branding goes much further than just the logo on the outside of your building. Bring elements of your brand into your decor, and you’re really starting to build a business presence. It’ll be noted by your employees, clients and suppliers and can do no end of good for your company profile.

We have a huge team of talented commercial painters and decorators who can help you make the most of your commercial refurbishment project. Use our expertise to shake up your workplace – a change is as good as a rest, after all!


Sign 3: A Leaky Roof

Well, water dripping into your property isn’t a subtle sign, it’s more of a big flashing neon one saying ‘get this fixed’. Commercial refurbishment encompasses repairing and maintaining your roof, so here’s what to look for;

Leaks – Well, duh. A leak in your ceiling is a pretty good indicator that something is amiss with your roof. Damage to your roofing can lead to water ingress, and, if left, can result in water seeping through to your ceiling. It’s pretty dire if it gets to this stage since you’ll need to pay out for repairs to much more than just the roof membrane. 

Bubbling – If you notice small domes appearing on your flat roof, it’s time to get specialist help. It means that air is creeping under the membrane, which means bigger problems are likely to happen. 

Splits & Cracks – Heat, frost, torrential rain, hurricane winds – your roof sees it all. It’s no surprise, then, that the membrane can develop cracks and splits. If caught early, these can be patched and repaired so you can delay the huge cost of roof replacement. 

There are more signs to look out for, and they’re covered in more detail in this blog, so if you’re worried about your roof, have a read and call us to get your roof problems under control.


Have You Seen Any Signs That It’s Time For A Commercial Refurbishment?

If any of the above are signs that you’ve noticed in and around your building, then it may be time to start planning your commercial refurbishment. It might sound like a mammoth undertaking, but at GI Sykes, we have a vast team of specialists who can make the process look easy. Whether you want to tackle your refurb in stages or take on the whole lot, we can create a strategy that suits you, your business and your budget. 

Talk to us about your commercial refurbishment requirements, we’re happy to offer advice and guidance with no obligation.

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