Why You Should Use A Professional Industrial Paint Sprayer

The world of industrial paint sprayers has moved on. Nowadays, you can buy an impressive kit that, if the marketing literature is to be believed, will make your DIY efforts look professional.

Is this the case, or should you stick to hiring a real professional industrial paint sprayer?

Sometimes it can be easy to weigh up the choice of a professional or a DIY job and completely miss some important deciding factors. So here’s what you should know before you splash the cash on your very own industrial paint sprayer.

What Is An Industrial Paint Sprayer?

An industrial paint sprayer can refer to either the equipment used or the person operating it. 

In both cases, the main objective is to achieve a smooth and even application of paint on whatever service you have ready and waiting. The sprayer tools themselves utilise high pressure to create a fine mist of paint. This gives you a more natural and overall seamless finish, as opposed to rollers and paint brushes, which can leave streaks and marks.

The equipment consists of a spraying mechanism, such as an airless or HVLP (High Volume Low Pressure) system, that can give you a thick and even coating without spraying out and causing a lot of mess. That mechanism is connected to a paint container or larger reservoir. 

The paint is pressurised and forced through a nozzle (there are several nozzle types), atomising it into tiny particles that form a mist. The operator then carefully applies the mist to the surface using a smooth, back-and-forth technique.

Sounds fairly simple so far? Well, using an industrial paint sprayer is anything but! It requires a certain level of skill and expertise. Professionals who operate these sprayers have undergone special training and have real-life, hands-on experience. They’ve dealt with different surface types and various paint types, all of which would cause the average DIYer problems to begin with.

The professional industrial paint sprayer understands the intricacies of finicky things like adjusting pressure, spray patterns and nozzle sizes – all to get the perfect result you’re going for.

Bear in mind that the process involves careful sprayer control to ensure that the paint is applied evenly without any gaps, streaks or patches. There’s no take-two with paint sprayers of this capacity – once the paint is on, it’s on.

Skilled operators can also adjust the spray width and intensity to efficiently cover even larger areas like commercial walls.

And it goes without saying that professionals are knowledgeable about surface preparation, which is crucial for achieving a long-lasting and flawless finish. They know how to properly clean, sand and prime surfaces to ensure the best paint adhesion and durability. So no peeling walls!

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All The Gear…

And no idea?

Owning professional-grade equipment like an industrial paint sprayer may seem appealing. However, it’s important to recognise that owning the gear is just the first step. Using it effectively and achieving professional results is a different matter altogether.

Imagine being handed a horse and expected to play polo without prior knowledge or experience. In the same way, owning an industrial paint sprayer doesn’t automatically make you an expert in painting. It takes practice, skill and understanding of the equipment to achieve a stunning result.

It’s true that industrial paint sprayers have incredible capabilities, but only if you know how to harness them. Without the necessary knowledge, using an industrial paint sprayer can become an expensive learning curve. Mistakes happen in the application, either through improper technique or a lack of preparation, resulting in a subpar finish and lots of wasted materials.

Professional industrial paint sprayers have honed their skills through training and hands-on experience. They know how to operate the equipment efficiently, adjust settings for optimal spray patterns, control pressure, and select the right nozzle size for different surfaces and paint types. 

Their expertise allows them to navigate challenges like overspray, drips and ensure even coverage. How do you think your painting would fare when faced with these issues? A DIYer can always learn, but a professional gets it right the first time.

Let’s look at the key differences between DIY vs hiring a pro…

The Finish


When it comes to achieving a flawless finish, professional industrial paint sprayers have the upper hand. They can ensure no gaps, patches, streaks or uneven application. Professionals prioritise surface preparation, leading to long-lasting, impeccable results. 


On the other hand, DIY efforts often result in messy work, streaky or patchy finishes, and poor or no preparation. You can certainly mitigate the risks of these things happening, but you can’t bring the same level of experience and training to the project as a pro.

The Application


Professional industrial paint sprayers have extensive knowledge about painting different surfaces. They know the specific adjustments when painting window frames, garage doors, shutters, cladding, internal walls and machinery. They understand the right paint for each surface and know how much paint is needed for the job. And equally important – professionals can skillfully mask the areas that need protection!


DIY enthusiasts may use the wrong paint for a particular surface, leading to damage or peeling paint that requires additional work before proper coverage can be achieved. The final result is really what it’s all about, so application is key.

The Quality


Professionals exclusively use professional-grade materials and equipment, ensuring a durable finish that withstands everything weather and environment can throw at it and prevents corrosion. Their work often comes with a guarantee, providing you with peace of mind too.


DIY projects are limited to store-bought options, offering fewer colour choices and resulting in less durable finishes or even suitable for your application. Of course, DIY projects don’t have any coverage against poor performance and may not meet the same level of quality as a professional job.

DIY It Or Hire A Pro?

Professional industrial paint sprayers take more than just owning the kit; our team’s skill and expertise make our paint-spraying projects so good.

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