Industrial Floor Coating Contractors Could Revolutionise Your Warehouse. Here’s How.


Industrial floor coating contractors have a superpower. And like all good superpowers, it’s not obvious at first glance – the real moment of truth happens when you take a long look at what potential has been unleashed. 

It might sound grandiose to talk about industrial floor coating contractors in such glowing terms, but trust us, some of our clients have revolutionised how they use their warehousing thanks to the hard work of our team. And they think we’re super.

So, how can a humble floor coating change the way you utilise your space? Read on to find out…

Revolution 1: A Safer Floor

Workplace safety should be front and centre of your risk assessments. A worn, slippery floor is a hazard that will eventually result in an accident. And besides the pain and suffering caused to the poor person who takes a tumble on your floor, the resulting paperwork and possible lawsuit (those ‘no win, no fee’ lawyers are like vultures) could cost you dearly.

So what can you do to prevent slips, trips and falls in your warehouse? Instruct industrial floor coating contractors to install epoxy floor coatings. This solution is quick, cost-effective and, above all, safe. We’ve applied epoxy floor coatings to all kinds of commercial and industrial buildings, from hospitals to warehouses, and every time we have delivered an outstanding finish that enhances the safety and appearance of a building.

Here’s how epoxy floor coatings can change your warehouse for the better: 

Excellent Durability

Epoxy resin offers incredible resistance to wear and tear. So if your warehouse has high-traffic areas, this floor coating can withstand continual use. There are different types of resin flooring, but every single one is guaranteed to last you through the years. A one-off investment will give you peace of mind day in, day out.

Level Out Uneven Floors

Did you know that you can use self-levelling epoxy floor coating to even out cracked and damaged concrete surfaces? Our team of industrial floor coating contractors will apply the coating, ensuring that it fills any dips and crevices, so all that’s left is a pristine, smooth floor that no longer has dangerous areas.

Easy Maintenance

The smooth finish of your new epoxy floor coating is really easy to maintain. Sweeping and mopping should be carried out regularly, but because there are no cracks or holes in the surface, you won’t find dirt, grime and bacteria lingering. And if you need a long-lasting sanitary option, at GI Sykes, we can install an antimicrobial coating that keeps your space hygienic and clean. 

Want to know more about the wonders of epoxy floor coatings? Read this blog.


Revolution 2: A Space That Works For You

Your warehouse may well be a lovely spacious working environment, but without organisation, it can become unproductive and unsafe. But how can you organise and arrange your warehouse without heavy investment in partition walls? How about floor markings?

Professional industrial floor coating contractors can help you delineate zones and areas within your warehouse using coloured floor coatings. These are just some of the most commonly used demarcations we have created using line marking and walkways.


If your warehouse is a shared space between pedestrians and machinery, then a clearly marked walkway is essential. Not only does it keep your people safe from moving vehicles, but it’s also helpful for directing the flow of traffic. 

Designated Zones

Coloured flooring quickly and easily identifies zones within your warehouse. Have a packing team that operates independently from a returns team? Create specific spaces that have a clear boundary for a productive and streamlined workspace.

Visual Cues

If you have areas that require the use of PPE or have a particular hazard, such as water or loud noise, you can use markings to show this. Yellow hatching is often used to flag dangers, but you can use red to show that a hard hat or ear defenders are needed to enter. The key to creating a safe warehouse is simplicity and clarity, and our industrial floor coating contractors can help you plan your space.


Revolution 3: Professional Image

Ok, you might think that how your warehouse looks is less important than how it functions, and to a degree, you’re right. If your space is safe and well-organised you’re doing alright. But there is plenty of evidence to suggest that a clean, tidy and good-looking work environment boosts productivity and morale. And who doesn’t want a more effective team?

Picture this; your top client decides to visit your warehouse. They want to see where the magic happens. But instead of being wowed by your diligent and hard-working team, they’re rather put off by your tatty flooring and grubby-looking space.

All that can be avoided by investing in an industrial floor coating. Contractors can easily repair, replace or install a hard-wearing floor coating in just a few days, so you don’t have to worry about disruption, either.

What about a spanking new floor helps your business, then?

People Power

By keeping your warehouse looking neat and tidy, you’re showing your team that you respect and value them. You don’t expect them to work in an environment that feels uncared for and badly maintained – and you’re willing in spend money creating a comfortable, safe space.

Brand Image

Marketing 101 is projecting the image you want your clients to believe. If you want to be seen as a professional business that takes itself seriously, then having premises that reflect that is key. A run-down building with a scuffed-up, flaky floor gives the wrong impression, and when fixing it is so easy and affordable, why would you?

Added Value

If you ever plan to sell your business, or even if you’re just keen to maximise its worth for your own gain, ensuring that it functions and looks as good as possible should be high on your agenda. Potential investors want to see a business that takes account of the safety of its people. They also want to see a warehouse that is cared for and unlikely to cost them money to maintain.


Industrial Floor Coating Contractors: Starting The Revolution

That’s just three ways our industrial floor coating contractors could revolutionise your warehouse. There’s more, too – from slip-resistant coatings to anti-static systems – we can pretty much deliver whatever your warehouse needs. 

And it doesn’t have to stop with your flooring either. Just take a look at our website; you’ll find we can take care of your cladding, your roof and your guttering too. Want to chat specifics? Get in touch for a free quote today.

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