5 Questions to Ask Before You Hire Commercial Builders

5 Questions to Ask Before You Hire Commercial Builders

Are you looking for a commercial builder?

If your business needs to hire contractors for construction work on the premises, choosing the right company could make a difference in the quality of the work.

Here’s what to consider asking before you bring commercial builders on board to carry out building work on your business premises.

Do You Have Any References?

First up, you need to see some evidence. What proof is there to show the quality of previous building jobs and projects and assure you these commercial builders are right for you?

Any reputable commercial contractor should be able to provide a list of previous clients and customers that you can speak to. From these first-hand sources, you can get to grips with the details. Ask previous clients:

  • Was the project completed to budget and expected timeline? 
  • How well did the contractor communicate during the project?
  • How well did the team work together?
  • Has the quality of work held?
  • Did you experience any challenges with these commercial builders?

And finally, would they recommend the company in question? 

Being able to dig deep into these questions will give you a great understanding of what to expect if you instruct the company yourselves.

Many commercial builders will also have case studies to send you, as well as image galleries full of previous work. And don’t forget, online presence is normal these days, so go hunting for online reviews on their website and any other site they feature on.

What Qualifications & Experience Do Your Commercial Builders Have?

Commercial building projects tend to involve large-scale construction and decorative works. So, when you’re looking to bring in commercial builders, you want to know that the team has the necessary skills to ensure they can execute the project with finesse and expertise. 

Let’s be clear here; you do not need to request copies of everyone’s complete work history. But do all team members have a wide experience of the trade? Is their knowledge sufficient so that challenges can be dealt with quickly and problems solved cost-effectively?

If your commercial building project requires skilled trades such as electrical work or plumbing, this is especially important to know as it helps to demonstrate competency. 

By reviewing your commercial builders’ qualifications and experience you gather an understanding of the training standards within the company. And you might save yourself a lot of unnecessary stress in the long run.

How Do You Manage Time & Budgets

Building work of all types is known for overrunning, and the bigger the project, the more likely delays are to happen. Commercial projects are usually on the larger side, so there’s more chance for unforeseen challenges to arise and tip timescales on their head.

Ascertaining how a commercial building firm will manage its time – and stick to budget – is therefore pretty significant. Reputable companies with plenty of experience in projects involving lots of money will be adept at handling them. They will be able to recommend where you could save, what’s worth spending out on, as well as helping to minimise running over budget.

What Services Do You Offer?

Using one contractor to see the whole project through is often cheaper, easier and quicker than sourcing and bringing in a variety of tradespeople.

Asking what services your commercial builders offer can help you determine if they’re the right firm for the job. If the company provides maintenance services, this can even make long-term management of the property a breeze, too.

For example, at GI Sykes, we boast a comprehensive offering of everything you need for your commercial building project. From roofing solutions to painting and decoration and from extension building to insulation and rendering, we offer a myriad of services that work together to see your project through from start to finish. 

We even cover industrial cleaning and property maintenance, giving complete peace of mind that your commercial building project will be looked after long after completion.

5 Questions to Ask Before You Hire Commercial Builders

Do You Have Any Professional Memberships?

Do the commercial builders you have in mind hold industry-specific accreditations and memberships?

Being a member of widely recognised, creditable organisations demonstrates a commitment to both quality workmanship and the future of the industry itself.

GI Sykes is proud to be a member of the following associations…


CHAS is the UK’s leading provider of compliance and risk management solutions. Their solutions help contractors and clients to work around risks effectively and ensure smart supply chain management and compliance. 


Buyers use the Constructionline platform to hunt down construction suppliers that can meet their needs. 


Over 10,000 contractors register with NHBC each year for access to technical support and assistance as well as the ability to offer their Buildmark warranty and insurance cover on the new properties they build. 

Federation of Master Builders

The FMB is the largest UK construction trade association and represents the interests of small to medium building companies. Companies who want to join the FMB are vetted and inspected before they can register, meaning customers can trust that they are choosing quality and experience with firms that display an FMB badge.


Commercial builders with a SafeContractor accreditation demonstrate to potential clients that they meet the highest possible health and safety standards. Because the accreditation proves that you meet the required standards, it means firms don’t need to complete and submit multiple health and safety questionnaires to clients. The market-leading contractor accreditation is recognised by 35,000 contractors and 480 big-name brands.

Don’t Rush Into Instructing Commercial Building Work

If a commercial building project is on the cards, take your time to do your research and build rapport with potential contracting firms.

Big projects require great communication all round, and you need to be able to trust your commercial builders. Starting conversations with the above considerations in mind should help you to build a good relationship from the get-go. 

Have you got a commercial building project in mind? Get in touch with GI Sykes today and find out how we can help. 

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