Are Tor Coatings Worth The Cost?


Tor Coatings has long been the gold standard in commercial-grade coatings, providing the most effective and reputable coatings in the industry since 1975. But are Tor Coatings worth the investment? That’s exactly what we’re going to discuss in this blog…

Who Are Tor Coatings?

Tor Coatings was created in response to a gap in the market for a forward-thinking company that was focused on innovation and development. Bringing together decades of experience, the founders used their expertise to formulate coatings that would revolutionise the market.

At GI Sykes, we strive to deliver the most durable and long-lasting solutions to our clients, which is why we chose to use the industry’s foremost materials and products. And as Tor Coatings have a catalogue of awards under their belt, becoming an approved Tor Coatings specialist seemed a logical and intelligent choice for us to make.

What Makes Tor Coatings So Good?

You’re probably wondering why Tor Coatings has such an outstanding reputation. Well, we think it’s all in the innovation. Tor Coatings has invested a whopping £17.4 million in their facilities and employ some of the best chemists in the sector – this results in ground-breaking formulas that are backed up with solid support from manufacturers and distributors. 

And why does that matter to you, the end-user? Well, when we use Tor Coatings products for your property, you can be assured of the cutting-edge protection it provides, the speed of application (which means a quicker turnaround on your project) and no delays with material supply since all Tor Coatings products are made here in the UK.

What Are The Tor Coatings Brands?


Your flat roof needs to have robust protection from weathering and age-related damage and a roof coating provides that. This added layer means that you can prolong the lifespan of your building’s roof, making a vast saving on replacement costs. 

At GI Sykes, we have a specialist team of roof coating experts who deal with all types of roofs, day in and day out. So when they spot a product that they think will make a significant difference to our clients, we listen. 

That’s why we recommend that our clients use Tor Coating’s Elastaseal Z. Its ingenious technology makes it one of the most effective roof coating products available. The ‘Z’ stands for zero odour, zero leaks and zero disruption – basically, all the downside to many traditional roof coatings have been eliminated!

Your roof will be fully waterproof, with no fumes – ideal for public buildings and buildings in built-up areas. And not to mention the thermal benefits – something you can’t underestimate as energy prices climb ever higher.


Fire Protection

If you own or manage a commercial building, it’s your responsibility to ensure that there is adequate fire protection to the walls and ceilings. This simple step has saved countless lives, which is why it’s an aspect of our services that we take very seriously. 

When it comes to the safety of our clients and their staff or tenants, there’s no compromise. We will only ever provide the most effective and resilient results, which is why we use Tor Coatings for our fire protection coatings. 

For new, stripped or bare walls and ceilings, Tor Coatings have created Torlife. This coating achieves a class 0 fire rating when applied to bare walls. It is also incredibly effective as an anti-graffiti coating, so if you have areas that suffer from repeated graffiti attacks, Torlife gives you a double-whammy of protection. 

For maximum fire protection, the Torrex range is our go-to. Tor Coatings are Certifire recognised, a third party accreditation for fire performance. This coating delays the burn time and spread of flames in a fire, allowing more time for safe evacuation. 

Using these Tor Coatings products, GI Sykes can upgrade your building’s fire protection quickly, with minimal disturbance but with maximum results.


Nothing in your building is going to undergo tougher daily use than the floor. If you have high traffic walkways, balconies or external landings, you’ll notice how quickly they can become worn and damaged. 

As the floor wears, it can become smooth and slippery, which poses a real risk of slips and falls. You could spend hours trying to make the area safe using various untested methods…or you could ask us to use Tor Coatings Elastadeck to restore and protect your floor. 

Elastadeck not only makes your floor anti-slip, but it also completely waterproofs the area – ideal for spaces that are outside and exposed to the elements. 

Now, for protection of your internal floors, Tor Coatings has one of the most innovative solutions. Tortread. Tortread is a slip-resistant resin flooring system that has been developed to allow us the deliver incredibly fast installation – without impacting the longevity and quality of your floor protection. The Tortread range is vast, and enables us to make a recommendation that’s tailored to the needs of your floor.

Tortread is easily the most comprehensive flooring coating solution, which is why we find it so popular with our clients.


Tor Coatings vs Other Products

So, are Tor Coatings worth the cost? It’s a resounding yes from us. 

We see the aftermath of shortcuts and cheap materials, and trust us, the saying ‘buy cheap, buy twice’ has never been more true. It pays to use real quality, and with the guarantees that Tor Coatings provide, you’re not just buying robust floor, roof or wall coatings now – you’re buying coatings that will see you through the next decade and beyond.

That’s not to say there aren’t other brilliant products on the market, we have a full and extensive product catalogue, but we know that when a client chooses a Tor Coatings product, they’re making a worthwhile investment. 

Got a Roof, Floor Or Wall That Needs Coating?

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