5 Reasons Industrial Cleaning Is A Must For Your Property


Industrial cleaning offers far more than just gleaming results for your property. If you’re wondering if industrial cleaning is a worthwhile investment for your building, then this blog is for you. Read on to find out 5 reasons why we think industrial cleaning is an essential servicefor any commercial or residential property owner…

It Really Cleans

Ok, we’re going to start with the obvious. Industrial cleaning means exceptional cleaning. You might be able to set to work on your cladding or guttering with a squeegee and bucket – but the end result won’t be in the same league as a team of pros. 

Industrial cleaning removes not only surface level dirt, grit and algae but also more ingrained grime. 

At G I Sykes, everything we use for industrial cleaning is of professional standard – from the equipment to the products. These things aren’t available to buy outside of the trade, so you really do get the gold standard.

If your commercial property is looking dirty and unkempt, then industrial cleaning might be all it needs to be restored to gleaming condition. 

Industrial Cleaning Protects

Regular industrial cleaning for your roof, cladding or guttering means that your property receives a quality inspection for damage and potential issues. While we clean your building, we’re also checking for weak spots, disrepair or corrosion so these things can be taken care of quickly. 

If left, small problems too often become big ones which can not only be costly to resolve, but also carry the risk of downtime for your business. That’s why scheduled cleaning and maintenance is so important. These are just some of the issues our industrial cleaning service can prevent; 


Moss, Lichen, Algae And Fungi Growth

Thanks to the damp climate in the UK, most buildings will have some kind of organic matter growing on their roofs, cladding or in their gutters. While most of these plants are harmless initially, over time they can create significant problems. The roots can work their way into crevices, widening them and making larger cracks. 

Plantlife also absorbs water, much like a sponge. If you have a carpet of moss on your roof, then you can expect that it’ll be adding a lot of weight on wet days. As well as the water logging issue, this kind of growth attracts bugs and beetles – and while the little critters don’t cause too much trouble, they act like a buffet for birds. Birds will feast on the wildlife residing in your gutters, on your roof and on your cladding, adding their own signature to your property. Which brings us to…


Bird Poo Damage

There’s no dainty way to put it. Where there are birds, there’s going to be splatters of bird droppings. Bird poo not only looks terrible on your building’s exterior, it can cause damage to your coatings too. 

Bird poo is acidic, which means it can burn through any paint or coating you have on your cladding. This creates dull, faded spots on your cladding which are more vulnerable to damage. Industrial cleaning helps to keep bird poo at bay.

Corrosion From Chemicals

Car exhaust and industrial plant fumes consist of chemicals that can settle on your roof and cladding. If your property is near a busy road or on an industrial estate, chances are that you’ll have a bigger problem with airborne particles. 

This mix of chemicals looks unsightly, blackening your cladding and roof and poses an environmental issue for wildlife (we might not like birds leaving ‘gifts’ on buildings, but we don’t want to poison them!)


Increases Lifespan

It should be no surprise that with all the protection that industrial cleaning does against wayward plantlife and acidic poop, it actually prolongs the lifespan of your roof, cladding and guttering. 

As with anything, if you give it a little TLC, you can expect it to work better for longer. A roof that is kept free from build up, guttering that is cleared of debris and cladding that is unhampered by grime will require less maintenance. The longevity of your roof, guttering and cladding is directly impacted.

Saves Money

And since your clean roof and cladding and clear gutter require less maintenance and repair – you’re actually saving money. We’re not suggesting that cleaning your roof will mean you avoid any need for repairs – that’s wishful thinking – but it will almost certainly reduce the frequency and severity of remedial work. 

Industrial cleaning first reduces some of the issues that lead to damage and problems. And secondly, regular cleaning means that every inch of your roof, cladding or guttering is being looked at. You will be alerted to potential problems at a point where they can be more easily managed. 

Looks Smart

The last point is all about appearances. When you have a business, your customers will make judgments about your company based on many things; your website, your customer service, your reviews – and your premises. 

Imagine going to a fancy restaurant for dinner. You’ve read fantastic reviews. The website looks legit. But you turn up and the signage is badly faded, the exterior is covered in dirt and the roof looks like it has a leak. You’d be a bit put off, because if they don’t take care of the outside of the building, what else might be amiss?

A clean, tidy property exterior says a lot about what happens inside. Whether you run a business within the walls or you rent to other people that do, a building that looks well-cared for will make an impression on clients and passers-by (otherwise known as potential clients). 


Ready For Industrial Cleaning?

So, if you would like to reduce the likelihood of damage, increase your business’ profile and save money, then industrial cleaning for your roof, cladding or guttering is probably a good idea. 

At GI Sykes, we offer ongoing industrial cleaning schedules as well as one-off cleans. Whatever your building needs, we have the most competent, experienced contractors on hand to ensure that your property is well maintained and cared for. 

To find out about our industrial cleaning services such as roof cleaning, gutter cleaning and cladding cleaning, please get in touch.


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