Is Shop Front Spraying the Solution for Revitalising Your Business Image?

Business image is so important for any company. If your premises look shabby, it gives the impression that your business is struggling, which can put off potential customers and mean less money is coming in the door. 

A revitalising shop front spraying is a cost-effective and transformative solution for commercial properties, with several benefits.

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What is Shop Front Spraying?

Spraying is a quick and simple way to revamp your building exterior using spray-applied paint. It’s suitable for use on a range of materials, including:

  • Aluminium
  • Wood
  • PVC
  • uPVC
  • Masonry

That pretty much covers the majority of any building front! The process is non-disruptive, with a preparation stage of cleaning the surface and masking areas that won’t be painted, such as windows or signage; followed by a spraying process with a modern electric spray paint machine that gives a perfect, even finish.

The Benefits of Shop Front Spraying

As stated above, there are multiple benefits to shop front spraying:

  • Enhanced Kerb Appeal – Attracting people to your shop is all about making the building look enticing. We all know how dismal dilapidated high streets and shops can look. Have yours stand out as a successful business even when others around you are lacking the same care. You’ll increase your customers and boost your brand image.
  • Customisation – Having a shop front that’s aligned with your business branding evokes a long-lasting image in your customers’ minds. Shop front spraying can be done in colours to match your logo or any other shade you’re after, including matching your roller shutters.
  • Increased Durability – Your building has taken a beating from years of sun and weather damage. If left unchecked, the weather and environment can start to cause significant damage to the wall itself and leave you with a costly repair bill as well as an ugly sight. A shop front spray does more than revitalise the look. It also provides a protective coating that increases the longevity of your building. Spraying can extend the lifespan of your structure, the window and door frames, security shutters, and signage.
  • Cost-Effective Transformation – It may be that you want to really revitalise your shop, along with new colouring and branding. Shop front spraying can perform this undertaking at a fraction of the cost of a complete front replacement, making a rebranding exercise possible for a reasonable budget.
  • Repairing – If your building has suffered some vandalism, graffiti, or even minor structural damage, a shop front spraying will bring you back up to scratch, efficiently cleaning any unsightly sections and providing a weatherproof layering to help minimise damage.
  • Speed – Shop front spraying is fast and is minimally disruptive, making it idea for emergencies or just making sure there’s no break in service. With a shop front spraying, you don’t need to close your business for even an hour.

When to Consider Shop Front Spraying

When does shop front spraying make the most sense? Consider the following:

  • Shabby exterior – You’ve got peeling paint, fading colours, or a design that last looked modern in the early 1990s. A shop front spraying will bring you back in glorious technicolour.
  • Rebranding – Changing your business name and logo? Rebranding typically comes with its own colour palette so represent this on your building front.
  • Change of business – Have you taken over an old building and are looking to make your mark? A simple shop front spraying can turn someone else’s old business look into your vibrant new one.
  • Property maintenance – Looking after the exterior of the building is important. Pollution and weather will beat on the door 24/7 – and over time they threaten a lot more than just dirt and grime, with brickwork and other materials suffering wear and tear. Give your premises a nice clean and scrub and it’ll be good for another few years.

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Choosing a Shop Front Spraying Company

What should you look for in a shop spraying company?

  • Experience – If you want a job done well, find professionals who have been doing it for years. Ask to see case studies and testimonials.
  • Skill – Successful professional companies only get there by having the skill to back up their claims. Look at past work examples to see that the end result is up to the standard you’re after.
  • Insurance – It’s essential for safety and shows a reliable and respectable firm. Ask about their business insurance.
  • Guarantees—Don’t let your spraying company walk away without providing any guarantees on their work. Established professionals are confident and will offer long guarantees on their spraying work.
  • Communication – Good open communication is a good sign that a business will be stress-free to work with. From the quoting stage through planning, and onto project management, it’s essential that you feel these are people who are easy to get hold of and talk to.

Using GI Sykes for Your Shop Front Spraying

We wouldn’t have written the article if we weren’t the right company for the job! At GI Sykes, we have decades of experience in making vibrant, attractive shop fronts. We’ve dealt with every problem imaginable and come out smiling. Plus we are sticklers for following regulations and keeping our team, your staff, and your customers safe. 

Contact us at GI Sykes and revitalise your commercial building with the fast and efficient method of shop front spraying. 

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