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G I Sykes Ltd can refurbish all types of window with our specialist window spraying, recoating and recolouring services.

Over time Metal, Aluminium, Timber or UPVC windows and doors can become faded and dull, or pre-coated and powder coated surfaces can show signs of bubbling caused by oxidisation. This deterioration affects the aesthetic appearance of your property or business. Our on site spray team can dramatically improve the look of your property or business and save you thousands of pounds by spraying your windows using our proprietary spray paints.

We typically see signs of colour fading or deterioration on windows that have been installed in buildings over 10 or 15+ years ago. Colour preferences and colour choices also change over time. Colours trends that were fashionable in the 1980's, 1990's and even in the 2000's are now outdated and have been replaced by more fashionable colour tones. These earlier colour choices, coupled with the fading and deterioration caused by the environment can have a negative effect on your property, corporate image and your business. If you are a landlord or property manager it can also reduce the marketability of your commercial property(s).

We can save you time and money

Replacing windows is an expensive option that can deplete a large amount of your maintenance budget. Installing new windows can also cause disruption to your business, as down time is needed to complete these works.

G I Sykes Ltd are experts in all types of window spraying and can deliver high a quality factory finish on aluminium, metal, UPVC or timber windows. We recoat the windows in situ and our proprietary paint spraying systems and specialist coatings will breathe life into a dull tired exterior. Our coatings also protect the building fabric which will extend the life expectancy of your windows, saving you thousands of pounds.

Why windows need spraying, recoating or re-colouring

We provide our window spraying services to a wide range of businesses, industries and professionals; working directly for individual companies and property owners or working closely with professionals such as Property and Estate Managers, Asset Managers, Architects, Building Consultants, Window Manufactures, Construction Companies, Refurbishment Contractors, Facilities Managers or Shop Fitters.

 Benefits when choosing G I Sykes Ltd to restore your windows and doors:

Types of window we can spray

We can provide you with a professional, cost effective solution to recolouring or recoating your windows and doors in situ which will revive the exterior finish of your commercial, industrial or residential unit.

Why choose G I Sykes Ltd for your on site window spraying project?


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