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G I Sykes Ltd highly skilled team has a wealth of experience in the application of textured coatings to buildings and structures in all sectors of business.

Textured coatings provide protection from environmental effects such as weather, chemicals, micro-organisms and UV damage; they effectively protect, prolong the life span of the building or structure whilst providing high quality finishes that enhance the appearance.

As a leading industrial and commercial painting contractor we are able to provide you with a comprehensive consultation for your project or business to ensure the correct materials and application will ensure you receive a first class finish.

G I Sykes Ltd will work closely with their clients, architects and surveyors to ensure that the correct textured coating product and surface preparation technique is selected to deliver cost effective and high quality solutions to any project.

Typical buildings or structures we have applied textured coatings to include

G I Sykes Ltd is an approved contractor and applicator of a wide range of textured coatings products

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