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G I Sykes Ltd delivers roofing solutions using protective roof coating products to repair damage and to prolong the structural integrity of your roof.

When the performance of a roof coating starts to decline or fail it can cause potential problems in the future with the overall performance of the roof such as corrosion. By actively maintaining and repairing roofs and roof coatings you can save time, disruption and money.

G I Sykes Ltd carry out a large number of commercial and industrial roof refurbishment contracts each year whether as an individual contract or as part of a full building refurbishment, dilapidations schedule, planned maintenance programme or insurance claim. We are able to repair and treat, recoat and spray a wide range of roofs types to prevent damage such as corrosion that could lead to and water intrusion. And as an experienced contractor we are approved applicators for technical product manufactures such as Giromax, Tor Coatings and Cromapol.

Types of roofs we can spray or recoat

Traditional roof cladding systems such as steel roof sheets
Composite Cladding roof systems
Asbestos roof sheets

Save thousands of pounds

By carefully repairing, recoating and spraying roofs we have saved our clients thousands of pounds in comparison to the cost of reroofing part or all of the building.

Product manufactures are able to offer guarantees on their products following the satisfactory application of the coating. These guarantees provide protection for some for some 10 - 20 years; successfully extending the life of your roof

Why you should choose G I Sykes Ltd for your roof refurbishment   

G I Sykes Ltd's experience in roofing refurbishment means we are able to offer a comprehensive solution and an alternative to the expensive option of replacing old and damaged roofs.

We will work closely with architects, surveyors, landlords and property owners to ensure we meet their specification. Or, if required G I Sykes Ltd can advise on specifications, to ensure that the most suitable specialist products and application techniques are used to offer the best solutions for the project.


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