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G I Sykes Ltd provide on site spraying services that can repair, refurbish and re-spray all kinds of architectural metal work.

Whether you have steelwork where previous coatings have started to fail or have a need for your ornamental steel to be recoated or recoloured we can provide a professional and cost effective solution that will meet your needs.

What types of ornamental steel  work do we spray?

Shelters (bus, smoking, vehicles)
Covered walk ways

Why you might want to recoat or re-spray your ornamental steelwork

With our vast experience in providing on site spraying services to recoat, recolour or re-spray steelwork we can provide a complete solution to your needs. We can combine the benefits of applying protective coatings to the steelwork whilst improving the aesthetic appearance of your building or structure.

Through careful inspection we will assess the steelwork to understand any underlying issues with the steel or problems with the previous substrate and failure of the coating. We consider thorough surface preparation to be the most important aspect of the entire coating process; we will therefore effectively prepare the surface of the steel prior to any coating application.

We will work closely with you to ensure the project is completed within you required time-frame and to minimise any disruption to your business.

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