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G I Sykes Ltd are specialists in delivering commercial and industrial dilapidation works; making your transition between old and new tenants a smoother process.

Whether you are a tenant coming to the end of your lease agreement or a landlord or property manager preparing to remarket a building, it is important to have dilapidation works for your commercial or industrial premises performed quickly to return the property to its original configuration and ready for market as soon as possible. Saving you money and reducing void rental periods.

G I Sykes Ltd is experienced in working closely with Landlords, Dilapidations Surveyors, Property Management companies, Asset Managers, Solicitors and Tenants to ensure our building services team complete the works as per the survey report, in the time frame specified and to the required high standards.

Returning a commercial or industrial property to its original condition entails a wide range of services, trades and skills. We are able to provide you with a complete turnkey package for your dilapidation schedule that will enable you to concentrate on your business whilst we manage the entire project for you.

We can provide you with all the services you need to complete your project, including:




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