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G I Sykes Ltd provides comprehensive on site spraying solutions for the refurbishment, recoating or spraying of curtain wall systems.

Curtain Wall systems offer an attractive external façade or envelope to a building that, not only delivers a functional weather barrier against environmental factors but is also used to improve the aesthetic appearance of the property; achieving a modern and elegant exterior.

As the first line of defence against the weather (over time) curtain wall systems suffer environmental damage. The appearance of the curtain walling will start to decline as the original powder coating starts to fade or fail. This can result in a negative effect on the overall image of your business or property.

By repairing, recoating or re-spraying your existing curtain wall system, G I Sykes Ltd can provide a practical, highly effective solution that will save you thousands of pounds in comparison to installing a new curtain wall.

 Why Curtain Walls need spraying, recoating or re-colouring

G I Sykes Ltd offers a complete on site spraying solution to the external and internal recoating, recolouring or re-spraying of curtain walling. Our contract manage will meet with you to discuss the project specification. With our technical knowledge on paint products and substrates, if required, we can advise you on the most suitable high quality and durable coatings that deliver a first class finish.

Our on site spray team will work closely with you to deliver the contract, schedule work around your business needs to minimise disruption to your staff or customers and ensure your project is finished to your requirements within your specified timeframe.

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