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G I Sykes Ltd is an approved contractor for leading manufacturers of protective coatings and has a wealth of experience in the application of these products to buildings and structures.

Protective coatings effectively shield buildings and structures from environmental damage such as harsh weather conditions, chemical attack, fire, UV exposure, corrosion, abrasion and purposeful damage. The protection these specialist products provide not only help to prolong the life expectancy of your asset but they support health and safety measures and can reduce risks and hazards to you, your staff or to the public.

Applying protective coatings to building or structures delivers long term performance, returns on your investment and will save thousands of pounds in comparison with the cost of replacing old materials for new.

Approved contractor to apply protective coatings

With over 50 years in business, G I Sykes Ltd is a well-respected and experienced contractor who specialises in applying protective, high performance products and coatings. We are approved contractors for many manufactures of protective coatings, including Tor Coatings, C/S Wallglaze, Nullifire and GiromaxTechnologies; demonstrating our experience and professionalism in this specialist area.

We provide our services to a wide range of businesses, industries and professionals; working directly for individual companies and Landlords or working closely with other professional such as, Property and Estate Managers, Asset Managers, Architects, Building Consultants, Construction Companies, Refurbishment Contractors, Facilities Managers.

Knowledge and Expertise

With advances in technology, the development and innovation of protective coatings has greatly improved over the last decade. Protective coating manufactures are able to provide guarantees on their products; some offering 10 - 25 years guaranteed protection when applied.

To ensure that these products deliver the protection they are specified to provide it is crucial that the product is applied correctly. If the manufacturer guidelines have not been followed and a product has not been applied correctly then potentially the product will fail, which could lead to health and safety risks; and it would also mean that any product guarantee will be void and you could lose thousands of pounds.

Surface preparation and correct application

Installing a protective coating requires careful attention to important factors such as thorough surface preparation, correct method of application and (in the first instance) the selection of a suitable product for a specific situation.

As an approved contractor for many product manufacturers you can be assured of our knowledge and expertise in applying a wide range of protective coatings. Our contract manager will work with you to fully understand your needs and the specification of your project. With our expertise and technical knowledge we can advise you on suitable products and specifications of how works should be carried out and we will liaise with the product manufacture to ensure the project is delivered precisely.

We will deliver site specific risk assessments, method statements, COSHH sheets and access arrangements prior to the commencement of the project.

We will schedule your project to minimise disruption to your business, staff and customers. Our contract manager will be on hand throughout the process to discuss any arising matters with you and our team will liaise with you and your staff during the works to ensure the projects smooth completion and handover.

G I Sykes Ltd is highly experienced in carrying out complex projects that requires the highest levels of safety performance, technical understanding and reliability.

We have supplied protective coatings for:

G I Sykes Ltd work with a wide range of product manufacturers

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