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G I Sykes Ltd is a market leader in providing on site spraying services. Our dedicated national spray team offers a wide range of on site spraying services that will revive and restore your premises.

As a highly skilled and experienced on site spraying contractor G I Sykes Ltd provides on site spraying painting services to a wide range of clients across all business sectors.

Why Consider Our On Site Spraying Services?

You get one chance to make a good first impression; if your business premises looks dull, tired or in disrepair your customers could get the wrong impression about your business.  

Over time the fabric of a building such as cladding, aluminium windows, curtain walling and shop fronts will deteriorate. This can be due to weather exposure, UV exposure, exposure to chemicals, pollution or high traffic usage.

Tell-tale signs can be significant colour fading, wearing and signs of the original pre-coated coated surfaces beginning to fil. The result of this deterioration is that the building begins to look in disrepair. This can have a negative impact on a business or brand image and it could reduce the marketability of the premises and even devalue the property.

To effectively protect and restore the buidling fabric these areas need to be repaired and recoated using suitable, paint products or protective coatings.

Many painting and decorating contractors continue to use the "good old fashioned" brush and roller to apply these products. The problem with this traditional system is the length of time it takes to complete the project and the reduced quality of the overall finish.

Staying ahead of the curve

At G I Sykes Ltd we aim to stay ahead of the curve and use the advances in technology of spraying painting systems and products to enable us to improve our services to our clients.

Our on site spray systems and proprietary products means that we can deliver cost effective services to our clients and achieve high quality finishes that return the sprayed surface to an "as new" condition. Your project will be completed in a fraction of the time it would take to hand apply paint products to the same area.

 Our spray painting services can meet a multitude of needs for our clients

We provide our on site spraying services to a wide range of businesses, industries and professionals; working directly for individual companies and Landlords or working closely with other professional such as, Property and Estate Managers, Asset Managers, Architects, Building Consultants, Construction Companies, Refurbishment Contractors, Facilities Managers or Shop Fitters.

We pride ourselves on delivering excellent levels of customer service and high quality workmanship on each on site spraying contract. Our technical knowledge and understanding of paint and substrates enables us to deliver solutions that are tailored to your individual requirements so that we can deliver a superior finish that will provide durable, long lasting and guaranteed results.

Our experience has enabled us to develop and perfect our own proprietary on site spraying systems. This includes the development of specialist products and coatings that deliver a high quality, factory like finish on a wide variety of pre-coated or un-coated surfaces. We also offer a full colour matching service to match your requirements or corporate identity.

We provide on site spraying services for

 G I Sykes Ltd follows a tightly controlled process to deliver 100% satisfaction

Our dedicated contract manager will work with you to fully understand your needs and the specification of your on site spraying project. With our expertise and technical knowledge we can advise you on suitable products and specifications of how works should be carried out. And we will deliver site specific risk assessments, method statements, COSHH sheets and access arrangements prior to the commencement of the project.

We will schedule your project to minimise disruption to your business, staff and customers. Our spraying team will liaise with you and your staff during the works to ensure the projects smooth completion and handover; our contract manager will be on hand throughout the process to discuss any arising matters with you.

G I Sykes Ltd uses the highest quality paint products and the latest technologies to ensure a high quality, super smooth and lasting finish.

Our paint spraying system uses the latest HVLP technology

Our skilled spray paint technicians use the latest technology in spray paint application with the HVLP (high volume low pressure) spraying systems which is ideal for all kinds of surfaces.

The HVLP system greatly reduces overspray and bounce back associated with other types of spraying systems.

HVLP spray systems achieve higher transfer efficiency, up to 85%, compared to other spray paint systems that achieve between 40% and 65%.

HVLP spray painting meets the requirements of the Environmental Protection Act (EPA) as an environmentally friendly system that produces less waste and less volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions.

5 Reasons why should you use G I Sykes Ltd for your On Site Spraying Project?

  1. Experience

    G I Sykes Ltd has over 50 years' experience in the construction industry and is a well-respected nation contractor for on site spraying services
  2. Cost Savings

    We will provide a cost effective solution to maintaining your premises in comparison to replacing old components for new; potentially saving thousands of pound
  3. Time Efficient

    Our experienced teams work quickly and our coatings are touch dry in minutes ensuring sprayed areas are accessible in no time at all
  4. High Quality Finish

    Through quality workmanship and superior products our sprayed finish provides a high quality, long lasting and durable result
  5. Flexible

    We will schedule your project to minimise disruption to your business

Our specialist spraying teams are poised and ready to help your property look as good as new. Why not call us and discuss your next project.

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