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G I Sykes Ltd has established an excellent reputation when it comes to cladding spraying, re-spraying or cladding recoating.

First impressions count in creating the best image for your company. If the exterior cladding of your industrial or commercial property is looking dull, tired or in disrepair, then it's time you considered having the exterior revived.

Whilst cladding is a long-lasting and effective building envelope, these materials will deteriorate over time. Cladding can be affected by environmental factors and pollutants; or in some cases cladding panels could actually be damaged through wear and tear of the building, with dents and scratches.

Evidence of factory finishes starting to fail can be identified where coatings start to fade, blister, delaminate or spot corrode. Replacing damaged cladding panels is not always a cost effective or practical solution. Panels cannot always be easily removed and even when they are there will be a visible colour difference where a new panel is inserted next to an older panel.

Repair, Restore, Re-spray Existing Cladding

G I Sykes Ltd.'s on site spray teams are highly skilled and experienced in repairing, restoring, and re-spraying all types of cladding on industrial, commercial and residential properties. We can offer you a hassle free, cost effective solution to restoring your premises to its former glory, providing an instant facelift.

Our on site cladding spraying service is also the perfect solution if you are rebranding or updating your corporate identity. Whether it's a colour change to your individual premises or as part of a larger, national rollout programme for your business chain, we can we can quickly deploy our spray teams to meet your business needs.

We work with a wide range of customers, either working directly for the end client or property owner; or working closely with professionals such as Property and Estate Managers, Asset Managers, Architects, Building Consultants and Construction Companies.

 Benefits of cladding spraying or cladding re-coating

With our expertise and technical knowledge we can advise you on suitable products and specifications of how the work should be carried out. We will deliver site specific risk assessments, method statements, COSHH / Data sheets and access arrangements prior to the commencement of the project.

Restoring your property to an excellent condition is our main focus

We are approved applicators for a range of protective coatings from leading manufactures such as Giromax and Tor Coatings. These specialist products treat specific issues related with cladding, such as cut edge corrosion and coating failures. These specialist coatings repair and protect the panels, defending against weather damage and extending the lifespan of these external cladding.

Our specialist skills and wide choice of products will ensure your building is restored and protected therefore achieving excellent value for money.

We can spray all types of cladding including

Our on site spraying operatives can repair and re-spray cladding from a wide range of manufacturers including:-

Cladding Painting and Colour Matching

As part of our on site cladding painting service we are able to provide the full RAL and BS paint colours and we offer colour matching when required. We are also able to supply and spray a wide range of metallic paint colours.


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