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G I Sykes Ltd is able to offer you a cost effective solution to reviving your ceiling that will improve the internal appearance of your building.

If your ceiling or suspended ceiling is looking miscoloured or you require your ceiling to be painted as part of a larger refurbishment project, then our on site spray teams will deliver a professional service to spray or re-spray of any type of ceiling.

We regularly carry out projects to spray paint a wide range of ceilings, including suspended ceilings and soffits such as metal pan, mineral fibre and perforated metal pan tiles.

We are also able to undertake re-spraying of ceiling voids and industrial steel clad ceilings, plastered ceilings and bulk heads.

Careful preparation and skilful application

Through careful preparation and masking, our spraying operatives will ensure all areas are covered and protected prior to applying the sprayed coatings.

We understand the complexities when carrying out this type of work especially whilst your business is still operating; our teams will work quickly to complete you project  and we will provide a schedule of work that minimises disruption to your workforce.

Our on site spray technicians are qualified to use all access equipment such as scissor lifts, mobile towers and stilts; maintaining our commitment to health and safety.

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