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G I Sykes Ltd can offer you an alternative solution to removing asbestos from your building. Potentially saving thousands of pounds and being better for the environment

The dangers and health risks associated with exposure to asbestos fibres is well known, killing approximately 4,500 people each year in the UK. It has been illegal to use asbestos in the construction or refurbishment of any premises since 1999, however there are still millions of non-domestic buildings built or refurbished before that time were constructed using asbestos cement sheets.

Is asbestos removal your only option?

When planning how to manage the risk from asbestos you may think that removal is your only option. Removing asbestos is a hazardous job and can only be carried out by licensed contractors. Because of the risk and specialised nature of the job, asbestos removal can cost thousands of pounds.

When managing asbestos in your building; if on inspection of the asbestos in your building it is found to be largely in good condition or with minor damage then as part of your asbestos management plan you can specify to manage the material "in place".

Asbestos Encapsulation

G I Sykes Ltd is able to apply specialised high performance coatings that encapsulate asbestos cement sheets, sealing and protecting them from degradation and damage. Asbestos encapsulation provides an excellent and more cost effective solution to asbestos removal. Removing asbestos cement sheets would normally require shut down and evacuation of the localised area, with our services you can save downtime and minimise disruption to your business as our specially trained coatings applicators are able to carry out the asbestos encapsulation in a time efficient manner.

We can provide asbestos encapsulation for:

Benefits of Asbestos Encapsulation

We will work closely with you or your building professionals to ensure your project is delivered and complete to your specifications and in line with all health and safety and asbestos regulations.

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