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G I Sykes Ltd can support your health and safety polices to prevent slips, trips and falls in the work place, by applying specialist anti slip floor coatings to your pedestrian areas.

Despite health and safety practices, falls and slips are still commonplace in the work environment. Problem areas include, walkways, steps, wash down areas and traffic aisles. Anti-slip floor coatings will reduce the risk of these accidents and the problems often arising for employers after an accident in the workplace.

G I Sykes Ltd work with a wide range of floor coating products and anti-slip floor coating systems that deliver durable and attractive finishes to the most demanding of industrial environments. Our experienced floor coating specialists will work closely with clients to ensure their flooring needs are achieved with minimum disruption or down time to their business.

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Sykes Ready For Isle of Man Rally Return 15/09/2016

Stourbridge's Richard Sykes to continue his rallying comeback on the Isle of Man.