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G I Sykes Ltd provide extensive services including the application of specialist high performance, anti-bacterial coatings to industries for both new build and refurbishment projects.

Paint products and technology have quickly moved on over the past few years. The introduction of anti-bacterial coatings that inhibit growth of bacteria, fungi and combat chemicals whilst enhancing the look and feel of a building are ideal for industries such as healthcare and food manufactures. These paints deliver high performance and increase durability in environments where maintaining hygiene standards and regulations are crucial.

G I Sykes Ltd are approved contractors and applicators for a wide range of specialist coating products and can offer advice and solutions that will deliver the required results for your project.

We apply anti-bacterial coatings into a range of environments

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Sykes Ready For Isle of Man Rally Return 15/09/2016

Stourbridge's Richard Sykes to continue his rallying comeback on the Isle of Man.